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When using CNC bending machine to the power supply for protection

by:SXZG     2020-07-29

use CNC bending machine, should protect the power supply. CNC bending machine equipment added some institutions. Due to easy routing or other equipment related actions, the new power mechanism is not closed at the bottom of the device power, the other wire and cable, thus violated & other; Provisions of mechanical and electrical equipment connected to the power & throughout; The standard. In an emergency, to cut off the power switch on a machine can not cut off the equipment of all power, potentially dangerous to personnel. For example, in the Chinese national standard only five. 1 specific provision: & other; In electrical equipment, the centerline and protective grounding line should not be connected & throughout; Should not be pen and terminals from the internal use of mechanical and electrical cabinet. “ After renovation, we met with more than one cabinet. Due to the need of additional equipment, ac 220 v power supply and a straight polyethylene three-phase 380 v grounding terminals ac 220 v, the line drawn after added a three-phase charger terminals.

apparently, when a mechanical failure is off, the device will become a 220 v ac voltage charged body. This device may direct lightning damage to personnel. In general, CNC bending machine manufacturer, according to the national standard, & other; Only under the condition of the user agrees to use & throughout; Metal processing, content is good, worthy of attention. When using the center line, should clearly show the machine technical documents, and provide single insulation with N terminal to the centerline. In the transformation of machine tool is, therefore, it is not easy to connect the midline and PE, ensure the safety of the production and maintenance personnel. We have entrusted inspection equipment of electrical cabinets. The equipment is 800 mm high, About 1800 mm) Wide, single, no door switch. Any people who do not use any tools can open the electric cabinet and cabinet. The protection grade of the apparatus for IP1. 1. Obviously, the structure of the electric cabinet equipment violated the following rules: & other; Open cover ( The open cover, cover, etc. ) 。 ) Only in the following circumstances allow, must use it by a skilled technician keys or tools or trainees open, this may not be suitable for open electrical equipment. * before cutting open the shell; Technical requirements can be through the door and switch ( Such as the power switch) Linkage to cut off, so only when disconnecting switch opened the door, the door to close the switch. c) Only when all live parts protection level for at least IP2X or IPXXB, keys or tools may only be used to open the enclosure, rather than to cut off the live parts. ” Metal processing, good content, are worth noting. Cabinet, therefore, the protection level of less than & other; Only skilled technicians enter and satisfy the requirements of the special & throughout; 。 Therefore, hidden security risks can be imagined. CNC bending machine and machine tool electric cabinet ventilation is considered to be in the world & other; Positive pressure & throughout; , but is not implemented in some machine modification. We ran into a domestic machine tool, the use of negative pressure ventilation, put cutting fluid along the flexible hoses into the tool rest electrical ark. In the process of the moisture out of the cable trench and cutting dust can enter through electrical cabinets of the pipes and tank. This machine tools have been used for about a year now. Electrical cabinets of circuit boards and electrical components have a layer of dust and apparent moisture ( Condensation) Trace. Frequent malfunction may affect the normal production. Obviously, the control device of the shell general shall be not less than protection class IP54. According to the standard, therefore, must pay the price.
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