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What should I do once I receive laser cutting machine imperfections?
Anhui Sanxin Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd has set up some regulations and plans to deal with such an issue. Once you receive the laser cutting machine and find it imperfect, please notify us the first time. Sanxin Machinery has a tracking process for the finished products that are exported. It means that we can find relevant records in the shortest time, find a suitable solution, and develop corresponding measures to effectively prevent those problems from happening again. Every procedure will be checked on by our QC inspectors to find out what leads to the problem. Once the cause is confirmed, we will make compensation or seek other measures to satisfy you.
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Sanxin Machinery has been dedicated to the sheet rolling machine field for many years and highly recognized. Sanxin Machinery provides a wide range of sheet metal machine for customers. SXZG hydraulic press brake machine is produced strictly complying with the domestic water purifier standards. It has passed the quality test which requires the water treated by this product are safe and clean. Detailed information such as operating temperature will be displayed on its interface. This product emits enough brightness yet not excessive light level which may result in discomfort glare. The glare appears in the form of visual discomfort, irritability, and distraction which greatly affects users mood. The product is equipped with NOK sealing rings, guaranteeing long-term use without leakage.

We care about our planet and our living environment. We can all contribute to conserving this great planet by protecting its resources and reducing emissions to it.

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