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What material is the manufacturing shear blade needs

by:SXZG     2020-08-15

plate shears blade selected material is divided into three categories; Carbon tool steel, low alloy tools, alloy tool steel, etc.

carbon tool steel is generally selected carbon steel guitar guitar, 65, 75 steel T8, T10, such as material, the material production of blade heat treatment hardness HRC57 & ndash; 59 degree range, suitable for ordinary low carbon manufacture, ordinary A3 plate shear, and waste recycling this is characterized by low cost, product price is suitable. Low alloy tool of alloy tool steel blade for commonly used materials: 6 crw2si, Cr5, o, 9 crsi, Cr12MoV etc. , the blade of the heat treatment hardness is HRC58 & ndash; 62 degrees within the scope of cutting stainless steel, suitable for hot rolled plate, stainless steel, medium and heavy plate shear. Alloy tool steel alloy tool steel plate shears blade material: 4 cr5mosiv1 ( H13K) 、7Cr7Mo2V2Si9( LD) 、W6Mo5Cr4V2( 6542). H13, etc. This kind of material of blade used in hot rolling billet, hot shear medium and thick steel plate, etc. , which is characterized by high temperature resistance, not easy annealing, used for steel hot rolling, hot shearing process.
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