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What is the working principle of CNC bending machine? How is it work?

by:SXZG     2020-07-31

CNC bending machine is a kind of sheet bending machine, the structure mainly includes the bracket, workbench and clamping plate, the workbench is installed on the bracket; The workbench is composed of base and clamp; Base with hinge clamp plate connection; The base is composed of shell, the coil and plate; Coil is set in the seat shell ridge; And the top of the groove is covered by cover plate. In the field of CNC bending machine technology, research and application of real-time intelligent control is developing in the direction of the following: adaptive control, trance control, neural network control, expert control, learning control, feedforward control, etc. Due to the CNC bending machine adopts the electromagnetic clamping, linking piece can be made into various artifacts, and can have a lateral wall of the workpieces, the operation is very simple.

CNC bending machine using a graphical user interface. Unified group control system can be according to the different production process and al Wen Qun control system the function of automatic adjustment of information activities. The user interface is CNC bending machine dialogue between system and user interface. The graphical user interface should be suitable for all kinds of users, including nonprofessional users. It can be operation through Windows and sheets. CNC sheet metal bending machine can realize dynamic tracking, graphic simulation and graphic simulation and rapid programming function. The user can according to your own need for CNC bending machine software system for secondary development, the use of the user is no longer restricted by manufacturers. CNC sheet metal bending machine system USES a new generation of modular design, function cover more wide, more reliability and can meet the needs of different users. CNC bending machine working mode is introduced; ( 1) Set the holding time, unloading time, levels of materials in a distance, adjust the level of CNC bending machine cutting position. ( 2) Set of CNC bending machine position and job number of steps, each work step of bending. ( 3) Select a continuous operating gear, press bending institution will not automatically return to the first stroke switch position. Step on the pedal slowly forward, press bending mechanism automatic press; When touch switch, level institution move back a set distance, at the same time keep the pressure automatically. CNC bending machine of the holding time to achieve automatic relief, relief time under pressure bending mechanism automatically return, at the same time level keep-off organization automatic forward setting distance; When touch switch, a bending operation ended, and execute the next bend. ( 4) Complete the current working steps of bending, satisfy the travel switch, automatically adjust the position and level to perform CNC bending machine bending action into the next steps. ( 5) When meet the steps to complete all the work and travel switch, end of the CNC bending machine continuous bending action.
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