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What is a set of parts, sets of what parts accuracy requirement ( Make)

by:SXZG     2020-08-14
A, refers to a set of parts with hole parts, with a hole has the following several kinds: 1. Set screw hole: a hole is used for weaving bolt, screw. Its hole request is not high, usually in 4. 5 level accuracy is lower. 2. On the hole of axially symmetrical parts. Such as order hole, smooth hole, general sleeve flange are the holes. Some of the holes are tapered, some holes in groove. The accuracy of hole left right at 2-3. 3. Two holes of the box body parts: head stock bearing hole and the hole accuracy is higher, general precision in the grade 2 or above. Has chamfering groove set of parts, convex shoulder part, why there are these parts? This is to consider parts molding process. That is to say, in order to make the parts to facilitate processing and use as well as increase the parts rigidity. Hole groove, chamfering, circular arc, effect size is the same as the pivot parts. 2, set parts accuracy requirement set parts precision has the following several projects: 1. The location of the hole accuracy of 1) Position degrees ( Between hole or holes with some surface between dimensional accuracy) 2) Parallel 3) Vertical degree of 4) 2 Angle precision. Precision cylindrical hole itself 1) Pore size and dimension accuracy of length 2) The shape of the hole precision ( Such as ovality, taper, cylindrical degrees) 3) Surface roughness ( Finish) According to the requirements of the drawings
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