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Usually CNC bending machine has two or more control shaft

by:SXZG     2020-07-25

1 CNC system CNC bending machine usually has two or more control shaft, one of the most important is after the rack and the slide block. The two have extremely high accuracy control shaft. Today, the numerical control system has made great progress in the following aspects: 1. 1 multi-axis control in order to improve the control precision and more convenient to control operation, increase the number of the moving axis. For example, in order to make our products have a higher consistency, it is necessary to increase the number of die set of the convex compensation control shaft. In order to have more accurate positioning in the process of machining, it is necessary to increase in the bottom block, direction control shaft. 1. 2 ac servo motor to replace the DC servo motor is ac motor is a kind of since the cooling structure, high output power, torque response time is short. At present, our country has been able to produce HD series ac synchronous servo motor and drive unit. The system design is based on vector control, can be said to be a glove machine of advanced digital intelligent control unit. It can accept all of the data through a window system, the development trend of the world's intelligent control. 1. 3 advanced CPU nc system develops gradually from the earliest 8 to 16, 32 after the numerical control system development and use, in particular, numerical control system in many respects, great changes have taken place. Now, a cathode ray tube can be used for graphics programming, the bending process can be visually displayed, make the operation technical personnel. 2 the application of computer aided design and process design in general, numerical control programming is done by hand. The operator must describe each process in detail, and accurate positioning in the process of each location of each axis of bending machine. In this way, the auxiliary functions can be some necessary adjustments. It is difficult to complete the work. Therefore, in order to improve the productivity, not only to improve the performance of the machine tool, to reduce the time needed for programming. So, combined the technology of bending, CAD and CAPP can be applied to programming system, this is the main research direction of nc bending. Has the typical characteristics of programming system. It basically has the following functions: at the same time for one or more bending machine to provide scientific and effective numerical control program; It can store huge amounts of nc program effectively. Use a distributed network control reasonable distribution of nc program; Effectively monitor the processing work of bending machine. As long as the workers accurately the contours of the tablet CADMAN - B can achieve all of the rest of the work. It usually has the following functions: 2. 1 for different artifacts, choose the best effect of bending process. Mentioned here & other; The best & throughout; Only relative, it is influenced by many factors, such as the size of the workpiece itself, to achieve the precision of the workpiece, such as the time needed for production. If automatic arrangement of operation can't meet the requirements of the user, the user can according to their own needs modifications or manual reset operation. If users need special processing, special parts can be rearranged. 2. 2 bending process simulation with the aid of graphics, can display each bending process workpiece location, and suggests how to operate the workpiece. At the same time, also can express the parameters associated with bending, and obtain a series of related to fault alarm information. 2. 3 to generate nc program that is to say, the compiler is automatic, and to promote automatic bending machine. In particular, we should seriously consider how to carry out & other Auxiliary work steps & throughout; And how to determine & other; Waiting time & throughout; In order to avoid the collision between axes and artifacts. In numerical control technology as the basic starting point, the perfect combination of LAPP by programming and numerical control. It can automatically complete the processing sequence, the arrangement of the motion path and a series of parameters. Used to treat the workpieces. It is composed of four software modules, respectively driven by menu. It has a good man-machine interface. Input two-dimensional parts graphics, had better choose interactive input mode, sketches accurately input bending parts, standard carefully in the grass on the drawing the actual size of workpiece, and then input the related dimension parameters, and the actual system can generate graphics have a percentage of real graphics, also can be automatically extracted feature code. Store the parameters associated with tooling and bending machine will be input, in order to form a series of processing files. Process calculation is one of the most important link in the calculation of the springback compensation. With new products, need to adjust the original point of view, the user will need to detect the actual Angle input to the control unit. After the computer is familiar with material, control device will modify the original height to the Y axis, to achieve the goal of fixed Angle. At this point, the DNC can give APPBS distribution when the return system, and can build Angle calibration database. 3 flexibility with the continuous development of automation technology, also in order to meet the needs of the single batch production, forging machinery of flexible automation is developing at breakneck speed. By the bending machine and two flexible bending cell composed of robot. One is the FBD - 8020 CNC bending machine, the other is a BM - 100 five coordinate robot. The programming of the whole system performed by the same machine, the operator can only through the menu to drive it. In input workpiece thickness, the size and bending the required length of the billet itself, the robot's motion sequences can be generated automatically, the robot can be independent of both production and processing.
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