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Use stainless steel bending machine should pay attention to?

by:SXZG     2020-07-27
Stainless steel bending machine is introduced and applied: stainless steel bending machine is a machine capable of bending thin plate. Its structure mainly includes the bracket, the workbench and plywood. The workbench is installed on the bracket. The workbench is composed of base and the pressure plate. Base through the hinge connected with plywood. The base is composed of shell, the coil and plate. Coil set within the seat shell groove, groove at the top of the cover plate. After using, the coil through the wire electricity, electricity attracted to clamp, implement clamped between the clamp and the base plate. Due to using the electromagnetic clamp, clamp can be made into various artifacts, and can be processed with the lateral wall of the workpiece, the operation is very simple. Bending machine can be divided into manual bending machine, hydraulic bending machine and CNC bending machine. According to the ordinary CNC bending machining Q235 plank to do a simple introduction: 1. First, open the power supply, open the key switch on the control panel, and then press start pump. 2. Stroke adjustment, bending machine must pay attention to adjust the schedule when using, must test before bending. When bending machine down to the bottom of upper die, must have a thickness of the gap. Otherwise, the mold and the machine will be damaged. The adjustment of stroke can also by electric adjustment and manual fine tuning to achieve fast. 3. Bend channel choice, generally choose slot width to thickness 8 times. To bend the board that 4 mm, the choice about 32 incision. 4. In general, the adjustment of the tailgate with electric adjustment and manual fine tuning, method is the same as the shearing machine. 5. Press the foot switch started to bend. Unlike shearing machine, bending machine can release at any time. Loosen the bending machine and stop feet, and then press again. 304 stainless steel plate bending feature: when bending 304 stainless steel plate, its characteristic is as follows: A. Because of its low thermal conductivity than normal low carbon steel, and it had a lower elongation, so it takes a lot of deforming force; B。 Compared with the carbon steel, stainless steel plate bending with strong springback tendency; C。 Due to the low elongation of stainless steel plate relative to the carbon steel, the bending Angle of r is greater than carbon steel workpiece bending Angle r, otherwise it will produce crack; D。 Because the hardness of the stainless steel plate is higher, cold hardening effect is remarkable, therefore, when choosing bending tool should choose heat treatment hardness in more than 60 HRC tool steel, the surface roughness is slightly higher than carbon steel bending tools. According to the above attributes: 1. Under the unit size, the plate is thicker, the bending force is larger, with the increase of the thickness of the plate, when choosing the bending device, the greater the bending force allowance should be; 2. The larger the tensile strength, elongation unit size is smaller, the greater the required bending force, the greater the bending Angle should be; 3. In the design drawing of the thickness and bending radius corresponding to the case, according to the experience, bending workpiece unfold size of square edge two thickness, precision can completely satisfy the design requirements. According to the empirical formula computation quantity can simplify the calculation process, greatly improve production efficiency. 4. The greater the yield strength of material, the greater the elastic restoring force. In order to obtain bending part of the 90 degree Angle, pressure knife the smaller the Angle of the design. Pay attention to this, otherwise there will be a bending cracks, which affect the strength of the stainless steel workpiece. WC67E series torsional axis synchronous 30 t - CNC bending machine 600T) Characteristics and standard 1 a, machine tools, with double oil cylinder control slides up and down 2, adopt mechanical torque synchronous 3, match DA41, ADH530 or MD320 CNC system 4, 5 with domestic brands of hydraulic integrated system, with schneider or Siemens low-voltage electrical appliances, and imported seal 7, 6 ball screw, linear guide, fast 8 splint, servo motor, with standard mode (up and down Superior oblique block type deflection compensation) 9, 2, carrier aircraft before DA - 41 for torsional axis synchronous CNC bending machine two axis control system. Using electronic technology for bending machine behind the slider and lose. 。 。
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