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Use of bending machine now we should pay attention to?

by:SXZG     2020-07-31
Buy bending machine is not a small thing, we should be optimistic. If we buy a substandard bending machine, main job is to maintain the late, this will reduce the production efficiency, and bring some losses to production. So, next time buy bending machine should consider from many sided, consider what kind of products they produce, need to buy what type of products. Factors to consider include bending radius, deflection, precision mold and side length, the bending parts, and choose to suit oneself product production bending machine. It also depends on the bending machine performance and service life. CNC bending machine operation should be too careful, as follows: first, the CNC hydraulic bending machine is a kind of valuable instrument configuration, elaborate operation by professional personnel. Configuration, the items and measuring tool of any personnel must get the consent of the staff, seriously obey the serious configuration and unified arrangement of personnel. Second, to participate in the practice of the students and they must be used under the guidance of advisors. When anyone to use this machine tools, he must abide by the procedures. After use, make record and sign. Third, the operators must be trained, qualified operation rear can operate; Students must be used under the supervision and guidance of the practice guidance bending machine. Four bending machine, use secret too thin too quiet, who use the operation, the host may not arbitrarily touch each button, there weren't many people at the same time operating bending machine, the operator should stay away from the bending machine. Five, it is strictly prohibited to hand or other parts of the human body into the upper and lower mold between, in order to avoid the personal injury accidents caused by improper measures of machinery. Six, police anything accidentally touch button operation, in order to avoid bending machine wrong operation and cause accidents. Seven, pedal switch is easy to operate and not easy to accidentally touch should be placed in position, in case of an accident. Eight, to start the machine, check the mechanical parts for stagnation and movement deviation, if you have, arranged in a timely manner. Nine, every time start, should first system self-check, X, Y axis coordinate system. Ten,. System self-check and restore the X axis and Y axis coordinate system, start the bending machine hydraulic system. In the condition of single fold, stepped on the pedal in a slider. When the slider on the slider, and keep the pressure on the press & other Equal & throughout; Key and Y1 axis Y axis values are the same. After initialization Y1 axis coordinate values, confirm complete Y1 axis. Then on the upward pedal, make the slider to rise to the highest position. 11, in the event of an emergency, please press the emergency stop button to stop the machine with the blood. Twelve, anyone, after using a configuration should be configured to a variety of items, and as usual to clean the configuration and maintenance.
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