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This paper briefly introduces the seven common core of the optical fiber laser cutting machine parts

by:SXZG     2020-07-28
With the development of industry and the progress of civilization of science and technology, modern science and technology production widely used high-tech means to carry on the processing. High-tech optical fiber laser cutting technology, for example, cutting and other industries has become the most advanced means of cutting the market rapidly occupation, become a trend of metal cutting industry. For different types of optical fiber laser cutting machine, the difference is that different accessories and cutting effects are quite different. There are different types of optical fiber laser cutting machine, classified according to cutting material and cutting thickness. Today, we will introduce optical fiber laser cutting machine for the following seven kinds of common core components: the first belongs to high precision equipment, laser optical fiber laser cutting machine, is the core of laser accessories, need special protection. Optical fiber laser cutting machine laser is used in the fiber laser. At present, the mainstream of the fiber laser in the international market with SPI, Germany ROFIN interpublic, Germany and UK. And domestic mainstream, the fiber laser is countries of quality period sharp laser. Imported laser, by contrast, has better stability, cutting quality and cutting effect, long service life and low maintenance cost, but the price of domestically produced laser are much lower. In addition, please pay attention to protect the relevant spare parts, such as cameras, photomultiplier tubes and photoelectric diode, easily damaged when they are exposed. Second, the laser cutting head laser cutting head is the core of the laser output device, by the focus lens, focus lens, such as nozzle system. Laser cutting head need to move along the parting line. For different material, the cutting head need to be adjusted. A good cutting head can effectively improve the effect of cutting and cutting speed. Bad cutting head can't even cutting some material. Third, the stability of the optical fiber laser cutting machine machine tool is very high, high precision, high stability of the machine to improve the precision of the laser cutting. At present, the mainstream of machine tools on the market is the longmen, cantilever and beams. Different machine has different functions. Beam, for example, material cutting machine is mainly used for large manufacturers, also used in specific areas, such as 3 d optical fiber laser cutting, it is mainly used for automobile industry, etc. Fourth, the control system which main control the movement of X, Y, Z axis machine tool, the output power of fiber laser and fiber laser cutting machine's operating system. Accurate control of its function, by software, can be on the basis of the hardware facilities improve the precision and the cutting effect. Fifth, stepper motor stepper motor has great effect on precision of laser cutting, so a good step motor is very necessary. Many different brands on the market of motor are chaos, they need to check the stability of the. Usually, most of the optical fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers choose import stepper motor. Sixth, servo motor and step motor are similar, it mainly affect the cutting precision. The quality of the servo motor can effectively ensure the cutting precision, speed, repeat accuracy, etc. It is one of the important equipment, optical fiber laser cutting machine mainly adopts imported servo motor. The seventh, laser lens, laser lens is most used in fiber laser cutting equipment. Many optical devices include laser lens. Different lens have different functions, such as the total reflection lens, half reflection lens and focus lens, etc. Lens quality directly affects the laser output power, also affect the performance of the machine. It is also made in China and import of the lens. Domestic scenes on the service life and cutting effect than import lens, but the price is far cheaper than imported lens.
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