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The structure of CNC bending machine is upwardly mobile, namely the slider to drive the punch moves down

by:SXZG     2020-08-02
Hydraulic CNC bending machine generally adopts full steel welding structure, with sufficient strength and rigidity. Hydraulic transmission, machine tools at the ends of the cylinder installed on the slider, direct drive sliding operation. Sliding block with torsion shaft synchronous mechanism forced synchronization. Adopt mechanical locking structure, stable and reliable. Stroke can be manually adjust quickly, and display the counter. Inclined wedge deflection compensation mechanism to ensure higher precision of bending. The structure of CNC sheet metal bending machine commonly used & ndash; — Upwardly mobile, namely, the characteristics of the slider to drive the punch moves down; In order to ensure that the slider in the work schedule and return by under eccentric load sliding block and the cylinder around the different pipeline resistance and relatively workbench tilt, thus affecting the workpiece forming quality, usually equipped with sliding block movement synchronization control system. Acting on the easy to equipped with mechanical or hydraulic synchronous control system. The mechanical synchronous device has simple structure, low cost, can obtain certain synchronization precision, but the carrying capacity of poor, is only applicable to small and medium-sized hydraulic plate bending machine. Hydraulic synchronization system includes mechanical hydraulic servo system, electro-hydraulic servo synchronization system and electronic digital valve control synchronization system. This kind of synchronization system of high precision and is suitable for the requirement of high precision of bending sheet metal bending machine. However, the complicated technology and high cost. Different production needs, with different bending machine, to better apply to enterprises. Lifting operation of CNC bending machine activity crossbeam is through the high precision servo proportional valve and Hyde han grating ruler assembly full closed loop control. The main valve with a safety valve, has the very high safety standards. PARKER all pipe used for CNC bending machine, pipe joint of the hydrostatic test pressure explosion at least 4 times of the nominal pressure, guarantees the high safety of hydraulic line. In order to protect sensitive BOSCH digital valve system, CNC bending machine installed a 10 microns high pressure of the filter. On the control panel of the light has been on, said filter working properly. However, when the light is put out, it must be replaced immediately filter, hydraulic oil will be through the relief valve into the system, system caused by pollution and lead to BOSCH digital valve failure, leading to machine can't work normally.
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