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The shear welder operation procedures

by:SXZG     2020-08-12
Electric welding machine is a common type of work of China's manufacturing industry, because it is an associated with iron and steel industry. So, about the welding operation procedures, the protection of welding work is extremely important, because the welding is a relatively important link in a factory. Welding work is also very dangerous. For example, inductrial injury, burns, electric arc and other Dazzling & throughout; 、“ Electric welder pneumoconiosis & throughout; 、“ Manganese poisoning & throughout; And & other Metal hot & throughout; Such as the occupational disease is caused during work. Shearing machine manufacturers, therefore, the welder must pay attention to safety in the workplace, the most important thing is to nip in the bud. Welders should be paid attention to while at work? ( 1) Before starting work, check the power cord, the lead wire and welding points are in good condition, should be add overhead lines crossing the roadway or shield; The secondary loop and chassis grounding must be good; Welding clamp insulation must be good. Welding circuit should not have more than three joints. ( 2) Welding workshop should be ventilation and dust removal equipment should be installed in a fixed place of welding, prevent & other; Welder pneumoconiosis & throughout; 、“ Manganese poisoning & throughout; 、“ Metal hot & throughout; Wait for a disease. ( 3) Welders operation should wear insulated shoes, welders should have zero line protection, prevent to get an electric shock. Wear welding gloves, pants, and welding mask to prevent strong infrared, visible light and ultraviolet radiation, and prevent the skin burns. Arc & other; Dazzling & throughout; And lead to loss of vision. ( 4) Copper alloy, aluminum alloy, Non-ferrous metals) Spray welding, welding and cutting can produce nitrogen oxides, must be conducted in the environment of the exhaust flow. If necessary, wear a mask. ( 5) If improper protection, welding operators should go to a hospital in time. ( 6) Personnel engaged in welding work for a long time, should establish the occupational health record, and regular medical examination. For those people who fell ill because of inductrial injury during physical examination, should be removed from the original work, in order to prevent the injury worse. ( 7) Welders should grasp the general knowledge of electrical, abide by the welder's general safety procedures; You should also be familiar with the fire control technology, electric shock first-aid and artificial respiration. ( 8) Electric welding machine starts, the welder's hand and body touch the secondary loop conductors shall not be arbitrarily, such as welding tongs or charged part of the welding torch, workbench, welding parts, etc. ( 9) Should wear gloves when replacing electrode, don't depend on iron plate or other conductive objects, tapping slag when wear protective glasses. Shearing machine manufacturer welder should receive pre-job training, after training to mount guard. Security department should also regularly review welder's work is in accordance with the operating procedures, to ensure the safety of the employees.
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