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The new application of bending machine

by:SXZG     2020-07-26
Emerging in high-grade building materials decoration industry at home and abroad to the required metal decoration materials put forward higher request, the request after bending sheet metal material of workpiece edge arc radius as small as possible, sheet metal shake surface without refraction; For sheet metal material of workpiece bending profile is more complex, more can reflect the designer's fashion design style. As shown in figure 1 of the several kinds of sheet metal material artifacts. The traditional way of forced bending and free bending, and three point bending process has been unable to bending sheet metal artifacts, as shown in figure 1 that is used alone bender bending sheet metal workpiece can not meet the designer's design requirements, reach the grade of the high-grade decoration and decorative effect. Thus a novel bending technology arises at the historic moment: the first to a v-shaped slot of sheet metal material, and then on the bending machine to bend sheet metal. Edge of the workpiece after bending small round, radius, no refraction by the bending process, the edge of the workpiece after bending arc radius and was bending workpiece, the thickness of the proportional relation of sheet metal on the material, after a v-shaped slot of remaining sheet thickness is only half of the original sheet thickness, even smaller, so that when the bending edge of workpiece circular arc radius and multiplying decrease proportionately. And because the thickness of the remaining after a v-shaped slot sheet is lesser, bending deformation force is small, do not spread influence not to bend area, so after bending of sheet metal workpiece surface without refraction. Thus satisfy the hotels, restaurants, restaurants, shopping malls, Banks, airports and so on the special requirements of high-grade decoration. Needed to reduce the sheet metal bending bending force of bending process, the sheet metal bending force and the bending of sheet metal work piece thickness is directly proportional relationship, before bending of sheet metal after a v-shaped slot, makes the rest of the sheet thickness is about half of the original sheet thickness, or less, so that the bending force of sheet metal bending need also decreases, and accordingly makes long sheet metal bending machine in small tonnage also be able to bend. Both can reduce equipment investment, and saves energy. Some special materials on the ordinary bending machine made by general mould can be bent rectangular tube shape as shown in figure 1, the material form in ordinary bending machine cannot be bent into shape, or the special design of complex mold to do the work. But through the sheet metal material to control the depth of the v-shaped slot degree, will be able to make this special type bending material in ordinary bending machine made type general mold can bend. Particular way is: the last line of the bending process of V groove residual sheet thickness control in 0. About 3 mm, so that the bending process of springback Angle is very small, rectangular tube forming won't rebound after deformation. Folded bent to locate the bending length before the size of sheet metal material shallow V slot, can be used in the folded bend bend before the predetermined bit length size, and then in the bending machine according to the score good V trough for bending in advance, so that we can ensure the bending length size accurate, can replace behind CNC bending machine function. Of course the premise is the positioning precision of V type slotting machine must achieve & plusmn; 0. 5 mm. Second, sheet metal material for a v-shaped slot devices without special v-shaped slot before general double housing planer is commonly used to to a v-shaped slot of sheet metal material, due to the double housing planer is sheet metal by the effective pressure loading device, the sheet metal V slot depth and degree of V groove distance cannot be accurately positioning control, and to start the double housing planer energy consumption is large, low effectiveness and various factors, current v-shaped slot of sheet metal work has been replaced by metal sheet slitting machine. New metal sheet slitting machine is according to the high-grade decoration industry, elevator manufacturing industries such as design and manufacture of special requirements, can be of stainless steel plate, iron plate, copper plate, and other material sheet for a v-shaped slot. The new sheet metal slotting machine such as mount some special special accessories, can also for sheet metal material and profile grinding, polishing, wire drawing, etc. Our factory has successfully developed and mass production of PLC system control sheet metal slotting machine, CNC sheet metal slotting machine to replace imported equipment, and filing patents.
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