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The influence of the numerical control technology in half bending machine industry

by:SXZG     2020-08-02

although CNC bending machine is a kind of universal machine tool, but as people's increasing demand for processing industry, the production requirements of CNC bending machine are also gradually increase. Today, I'd like to introduce you to the machining requirements of electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine. Let you know our CNC bending machine has a new understanding.

first of all, the finite element analysis was carried out on the fuselage frame 1. Welding box body design to make the body have the greatest strength and stiffness. 2. Use of the world's leading bearing, high precision, maintenance free. Second, high pressure oil pump manufactured in Shanghai, the axial plunger pump, compact structure, small volume, light weight, stable operation, low noise flow pulsation. 3. Oil cylinder adopt boring, reaming, rolling, grinding, such as precision machining process, the surface roughness Ra is 0. 1 - 0. 4 m, so that the piston and sealing bracket can smooth sliding, ensure the sealing effect. Reduce wear and prolong service life. In order to prevent corrosion, the inner surface of the cylinder chrome plated. Oil seal USES Japan, sealing ring. Four bending machine, shearing machine, hydraulic valve group special way valve adopts advanced two-way cartridge valve integrated system, simple structure, large flow, the leakage of small, smooth operation, low noise, is unmatched by ordinary hydraulic valve group. 5. Shanghai high carbon steel and high chromium steel ivey TeEr blade mouth, the mould with high quality tool material ( 6 crw2si) And long service life. Six, machine tool electrical and electromagnetic valve control system USES the delixi electric company production of ac contactor & ndash; — Intermediate relay and long service life and high reliability. Seven, machine tool precision and technical conditions in accordance with GB/T14004 - He and JB5497-93 91. The graphical user interface is the user interface is a dialogue between nc system and user interface. The graphical user interface should be suitable for all kinds of users, including nonprofessional users. Through the window and menu operation, can realize dynamic tracking, graphic simulation and graphic simulation and rapid programming, and other functions. 1 bending machine performance. In the field of numerical control technology, the research and application of real-time intelligent control along the following direction: adaptive control, fuzzy control, neural network control, expert control, learning control, feedforward control, etc. Such as programming expert system fault diagnosis expert system, when the system failure, diagnosis and maintenance.
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