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The hydraulic pressure plate shears material cylinder sealing ring

by:SXZG     2020-07-30
1 hydraulic plate shears pressure cylinder seal cutting machine presser foot is when the cutting plate used in the pressure plate, due to the presser foot of seal leakage is serious, the insufficient pressure of foot, when the shear plate, pressure plate, producing steel pursed phenomenon, cutting edge collapse and card knife blade damage, serious when can cause major fault shearing machine. So the presser foot leak problem must be solved. The shearing machine presser foot is to rely on 0 type sealing ring and hole sealing ring 63 & times; 45× 12, for seals and sealing ring 63 & times; 45× 12 for non-standard products, product specifications for the 63 gb & times; 55× 12, 10 mm diameter difference. After analysis, decided to install seal bakelite of structure was improved, the installation of the diameter of the sealing ring in by & Phi; Increased to 45 mm & Phi; 55 mm, then the appropriate increase the size of the pressure seal round gaskets. After installation and debugging, presser foot is safely use no oil leakage. 2 hydraulic plate shears air buffer sealing ring buffer is the scissors row seat air balance effect, due to air leakage is serious, the balance effect is greatly reduced, and affect the working conditions of the shearing machine, the impact on the plate shears blade is very big, equipment of oscillations. At the same time, caused by leakage is serious, the whole machine of the compressed air pressure can not meet the pressure of work, and so cannot be opened the clutch, unable to work. Parts are mainly the system leak under the cylinder cover, seal between shaft and hole, the original sealing ring for shaft seal, 35, 50 & times; 35× 10, installed in the cylinder cover hole, with hole with ring compression, and the existing national standard products for 35:43 & times; 35× 10 and outside diameter is 7 mm. We use processing of a diameter of 50 mm, inner diameter is 43 mm, thickness is 10 mm steel bushing of method, used to seal ring installation, then embedding steel bushing hole under cover. At the same time, in order to prevent the air from the steel bushing with the hole in the clearance between the leak, we will install a pad ring type O sealing ring 42. 5× 3. 55. In this way, the steel bushing with lower end face type O sealing ring can be pressure, at the same time increase the inner diameter of the ring gasket 2 size, with pressure sealing ring, effectively prevent the air leakage. In the process of implementation, the thickness of the steel bushing must be appropriate, to do retaining ring can not only fitted, and will make the steel bushing can compress type O sealing ring is not leak. We carefully measured, calculated carefully, finally solved the problem, after installation and debugging, has no leakage phenomenon, running well, through the above of shearing machine seal replacement job, a great hidden trouble in production were solved, in just 3 days, to complete the above tasks, not only to ensure the timely repair of equipment operation, make workshop production can run smoothly, but also for our factory to save the order or order the funds needed for the seal, and also exercise workshop technical staff the ability to analyze and solve problems, to solve some problems in equipment maintenance after laid a good foundation
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