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The focus of the optical fiber laser cutting machine location analysis

by:SXZG     2020-08-04
1. Focusing on plate surface this method also become 0 lens focal length. At that time, the focus on metal laser cutting machine is set up to near the surface of the steel parts. So up, down, left and right side of the steel parts surface gloss is different. In general, near the focus of the laser cutting surface is bright and clean, and avoid laser cutting on the surface looks not smooth. This method should be based on the practical application of xx surface and surface processing technology. 2. Focusing on board only in this way also become is the focal length of lens. If you want to laser cutting steel is stainless steel or aluminum plate steel, usually within the steel using laser cutting point. One disadvantage of this approach is, however, due to focus on the basic principle of laser cutting surface, cut amplitude large steel parts of laser cutting point on the surface layer. In this way, the laser cutting cyclone is larger, the temperature is enough, and laser cutting hole in time is a little longer. So, if you choose the material that steel parts, the key is stainless steel or high strength aluminum light material. 3. Focusing on board just above, so the focal length of the people also become negative lens, because the laser cutting point is not on the laser cutting the surface or interior of raw material, but the exact position on the top of the laser cutting raw materials. The key application of this method is laser cutting of thin and thick material. This approach tends to focus on the laser precision cutting material. Root cause is thick steel plate must have a big cutting width, or transport of co2 nozzle is easy to appear, lead to insufficient laser cutting temperature. However, this approach is one of the drawbacks of laser cutting surface is not smooth, not suitable for high precision laser cutting, in other words, focus position should be based on different raw materials and laser cutting.
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