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The features of the bending machine

by:SXZG     2020-08-01

what is the characteristics of the CNC bending machine? Along with the progress of the era of science and technology, the bending machine is introduced into the electro-hydraulic servo synchronization technology, improve the level of the bending machine. The advantages of CNC bending machine mainly includes the following aspects: 1)

Electro-hydraulic servo system controls the synchronization of two cylinders, USES the international standard grating ruler to form full closed loop control. Synchronous control with high precision, bending also achieves high accuracy and repeat precision. 2) For hydraulic automatic clamping device of upper die or the lower die fast clamping device and groove can be matched according to user requirements, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the production efficiency. 3) Behind a fully functional organization can be extended to the six axis. Compensation by CNC system automatic adjustment, convenient and accurate. 4) Equipped with Germany Bosch - Rexroth, BLIS and other international big company production of linear guide and ball screw, ensure the positioning precision of machine tools. 5) With section of different length of upper die, according to the requirement of the workpiece can be assembled into a certain width, to meet the needs of the machining of special. 6) , CNC automatic cylinder deflection compensation system, overcome the working process of the slider in the influence of deformation of the workpiece quality guarantee machining workpiece straightness and bending Angle. 7) Can adopt flexible mode of operation, not only can be made of solving the problem of long plate processing mechanism between the two machines, but also by the single machine operation processing short pieces, improve the utilization rate of machine tools, reducing energy consumption. 8) The numerical control system, using the world's top brands such as the Netherlands, DE lime DA65W, DA66W new international electronic circuit, such as intelligent module structure, built-in programmable controller, automatic programming and bending simulation, omni-directional collision detection function, can realize remote diagnosis, high resolution true color TFT display and menu in Chinese. 9) The fuselage with a clamping plate after welding, the numerical control pentahedron machining center as a whole, to ensure the high body stiffness and machining accuracy. WC67K series CNC bending machine performance features: 1) The slider trip ( Y) And after the stop ( X) ( Optional R, Z) Automatic control by computer. 2) On the hydraulic pusher, stable and reliable. 3) All steel welded structure, vibration to eliminate stress, high strength, good rigidity. 4) Bending machine mould has deflection compensation mechanism, compensation mechanism under applicable to more than 250 tons. 5) Bending machine mechanical stop, a torsional axis force synchronization, high precision. 6) CNC bending machine grating ruler, pressure proportional valve and servo motor adopts imported.
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