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The classification of the shearing machine

by:SXZG     2020-08-01
According to the shearing machine manufacturers, shearing machine is a blade relative to another blade linear reciprocating movement of the machine, scissors for cutting plate up and down. Concrete shear action is with the help of moving blades and fixed on the blades on the metal plate shear force, make the metal plate according to the actual needs, the size of the fracture and separation. Shearing machine is one of the important auxiliary equipment of steel rolling machinery, its main function is to metal processing. In aviation, shipping, automobile, light industry, metallurgy and construction industry, shearing machine is widely used to provide a special machinery and complete sets of equipment. Shearing machine manufacturers think from different angles shearing machine has the following different types: shearing machine manufacturers think according to different forms of the bed, they can be divided into enclosed plate shears and open shearing machine; According to the different types of shear plate, can be divided into cut steel, steel plate shear, billet shearing and cutting machine, etc. According to the different temperature of shearing machine, shearing machine can be divided into cold and hot cutting. Cold cutting is mainly used for cutting small plate group, and hot cut is mainly used for cutting hot plate. According to the different methods of shear, shearing machine manufacturers can be divided into longitudinal shearing machine and transverse shearing machine. Longitudinal shearing machine installed in longitudinal shear line, the longitudinal shear line will conduct and longitudinal cut into narrow strip coil, and then through the reel will narrow strip rolled into a roll. Transverse shearing machine is used for plate transverse shear, which is installed on the operation of the tandem mill line, can cut the head or the tail, can also be cutting plate. Material is fixed length shear; According to different driving mode, can be divided into mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic plate shears. Mechanical shear shearing action depends on the mechanical movement, this usually applies to the thickness of the board that is less than 10 mm. Mechanical and pneumatic guillotine shears of shearing force is limited. If the shear stress increases, the structure need to change significantly, this does not apply to more than 10 mm thick plate. Hydraulic shearing machine driven by two hydraulic cylinders. When need to increase the shear force, only need to increase the column shear of thrust and geometry structure. According to the different movements of tool post, shearing machine manufacturers think tool rest can be divided into linear cutting machine and swinging plate shears. Straight shearing machine ( The gate plate shears) Simple structure, easy to manufacture. It has a rectangular blade part and four edge can be used as a leaf, so it is more durable. Shear, swinging around the fixed point of the shearing machine tool slide swing, is mainly suitable for cutting thickness greater than 4 mm, width of less than 4000 mm.
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