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The big four materials ( Shearing machine) The performance of cutting tools and selection

by:SXZG     2020-08-10
The development of the cutting tool material for cutting technological progress plays a decisive role. This paper introduces the cutting used in diamond, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride, ceramics, hard alloy, high speed steel cutting tool material performance and the applicable scope. Cutter damage mechanism is the theoretical foundation of the cutting tool material selection reasonable, performance with rational matching of cutting tool material and workpiece material is the key basis of cutting tool materials according to the cutting tool material and workpiece material mechanics, physical and chemical properties of selection cutting tool material, good cutting effect can be attained. As the piston during machining cutting tool material selection for this paper. High speed steel, piston machining in milling poured riser, transverse milling groove and milling expansion slot milling cutter, drilling hole with drill for the high speed steel material. Carbide: YG, YD series of carbide cutting tools are widely used in aluminum piston processing of each process, especially the piston roughing and semi-finishing process. Cubic boron nitride: cubic boron nitride cutting tool is used to set cast iron ring piston ring groove cutting cast iron process. At the same time also is applied to the three-dimensional modeling of piston. Diamond, diamond cutting tools can use diamond material of high hardness, high wear resistance, high thermal conductivity and low friction coefficient of non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials wear-resisting high precision, high efficiency, high stability and high surface finish machining. In cutting aluminum alloy, the PCD cutting tool life is dozens of times and even hundreds ZAOCHE168 times of carbide cutting tools. Com, is the ideal of aluminum piston precision machining tool, has been used in finish turning ring grooves, fine boring piston pin hole, fine car live the Great Wall, essence of piston top surface fine car piston combustion chamber and the finishing process. The merits of the cutting tool material performance is processing surface quality and machining efficiency, the basic factors of the knives' service life. When cutting, the cutting work directly is the cutting part of the cutting tool. Cutting tool cutting performance is good or bad depends on mostly constitute part of the material, the geometric parameters of cutting part and tool selection and design of structure is reasonable. Machining of the high and low productivity and tool life, cutting tool consumption and processing costs how much, the merits of the machining accuracy and surface quality, etc. , to a large extent depends on selection of proper cutting tool materials. Correct selection of cutting tool materials is one of the important contents of the design and selection tool. Each variety cutting tool material has its specific processing range, only applies to certain workpiece material and cutting speed range. Different tool materials and the same tool life when machining different workpiece materials tend to have very big difference, such as: machining aluminum piston, the service life of diamond tool is YG carbide tool life several times to dozens times; YG carbide cutting tools processing of high, medium and low silicon content alloy when its life also has very big difference. So, the reasonable selection tool is the key to success for machining. Each kind of cutting tool materials has the best processing object, namely the reasonable cutting tool and machining object matching problems. The performance of the cutting tool material should have 1. 1 high hardness and wear resistance of hardness is the basic characteristic of the cutting tool material should have. Tool to cut chip from the workpiece, its hardness must be bigger than the hardness of workpiece material. Cutting metal cutting edge hardness of the tool used, generally in more than 60 HRC. Wear resistance is the ability of material to resist wear and tear. In general, the higher the hardness of cutting tool materials, its wear resistance is better. Hard spots in tissue, Carbides, nitrides, etc. ) Hardness is higher, the more the number, the smaller the particle, the distribution more uniform, wear resistance, the better. Wear resistance and chemical composition, strength and microstructure of materials and the temperature of the friction. Wear resistance WR expressed by formula materials: WR = KIC0. 5E- 0. 8H1. Type: 43 H— — Material hardness ( GPa) 。 The higher the hardness and wear resistance is better. 断裂韧性, — The fracture toughness of material ( MPa· m½ ) 。 KIC is larger, the material is the smaller the stress caused by fracture, better wear resistance. E— — Material elastic modulus ( GPa) 。 E is very small, caused by the abrasive micro strain, to help create a lower stress, the wear resistance improved. 1. 2 enough strength and toughness to make cutting tools under a lot of pressure, as well as the impact and vibration in cutting process is often under the working conditions, and does not produce collapse and broken blade, cutting tool material, you must have enough strength and toughness. 1. 3 high heat resistance ( Thermal stability) Heat resistance is the main measure of cutting tool material performance. It refers to cutting tool materials in high temperature under the condition of keeping the performance of the hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness. Cutting tool material should also has the ability of oxidation resistance at high temperature and good anti caking and ability to resist the spread of the cutting tool material should possess good chemical stability. 1. 4 good thermal physical properties and thermal shock performance of cutting tool materials thermal conductivity is better, the more heat cutting easy to walk from cutting zone are scattered, is helpful to reduce the cutting temperature. Cutting tool used in intermittent cutting or cutting fluid, often with large thermal shock ( Temperature sharp) , thus cutting tools inside will produce crack and cause fracture. Cutting tool material resistance to thermal shock can be used to heat shock factor R said, R is defined as:
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