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The application of electro-hydraulic bending machine in curtain wall industry

by:SXZG     2020-08-08

a special curtain wall industry, is a large company, more commonly used material for aluminum sheet, the quantity of goods is compared commonly big, so the production efficiency is higher. As the market increasingly fierce competition, the customer request production cycle is becoming more and more short, so the high efficient production equipment, precision higher demand. The common production equipment have a laser cutting machine, electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine, shearing machine, Numerical control) Punching machine, welding machine and small grinding cutting tools. Early curtain wall industry company

purchasing imported CNC shearing machine, bending machine laser cutting machine, but in recent years as domestic sheet metal cutting equipment and the rapid development of laser equipment, product technology also gradually close to international advanced level, but also has high cost performance, the quality is stable and reliable, and has now been completely replace the imported equipment. Fully automatic CNC bending machine prominent brands are: Jin Fangyuan in jiangsu, anhui, jiangsu, Wisconsin, on the hai rui iron, etc. Laser cutting machine prominent brands are: big bunch of laser, laser, China abundant auspicious laser, etc.
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