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The application of CNC bending machine in stainless steel industry

by:SXZG     2020-08-07

stainless steel industry contains range is too big, involving industry is more, all material is stainless steel, can be referred to as the stainless steel industry, typically have a stainless steel furniture, bus stations, advertising board, decoration decoration, chassis electrical cabinets, etc. Stainless steel used specific molding equipment is diversiform, have mostly equipment bending machine, shearing machine, laser cutting machine, CNC punch press, hydraulic press, plate bending rolls, etc. For stainless steel elasticity is larger, the tensile strength of 600 mpa, so the blade material of stainless steel plate shears is used more better 6 crw2si, stainless steel bending machine also constantly get new development, the application of hydraulic servo pump technology has been gradually popularization, and compared with the ordinary hydraulic bending machine to save 30 - 50% of its electricity, and reduce the noise more than 20 db.

throughout the history of stainless steel bending machine, it is easy to see the bending machine from mechanization to the development of the intelligent, this how much of the science behind the technician of hard research and development, made of stainless steel bending machine in our country in the international community to win over a little applause, for the researchers of the bending machine enterprise together refueling! ! ! !
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