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The advantage of CNC bending machine application

by:SXZG     2020-08-02
Due to the process object and the process of all kinds of CNC bending machine, CNC bending machine structure mainly adopts three ways: ( 1) CNC bending machine adopts numerical control system directly. The advantage is programming & other; Degrees of freedom & throughout; High, can according to the needs of different bend programming, avoiding the mechanical interference, but raised the requirement for the quality of personnel programming. Generally do not support the input pipe bending XYZ coordinate geometry data. ( 2) CNC bending machine adopts programmable controller, position/speed control unit, touch screen and combined control method of ac servo drive unit. The PLC ladder diagram, the SFC programming position/speed control unit and touch screen, direct input pipe bending processing data, support bend XYZ coordinate geometry data to bend YBC processing data conversion. Hardware reliability, software easy to maintain and to develop. ( 3) CNC bending machine adopts industrial computer and servo motion control board and ac servo units. Software using visual program implementation, such as VC and VB, can make full use of computer resources, process and mechanical moving track is mainly used for complex mechanical equipment. In addition to the function of the second mode, strengthen the function of CNC pipe bending machine interference. The reliability of the hardware system is slightly lower than PIC. We use the programmable controller, position/speed control unit, touch screen and ac servo drive unit. Design of the system has manual and automatic operation mode. In automatic mode, the system can be divided into the following bending and bending the origin, step by step to facilitate the processing of various pipe bending. For different bending radius of tube, switch from mould to realize bending. For a bent pipe with special processing requirements, design the decomposition of linkage, and the corresponding auxiliary action, to avoid mechanical disturbance, and to realize the automatic pipe bending processing. CNC bending machine mainly introduced based on the mitsubishi position/speed control unit pipe bender control program design. There is a requirement for the position and speed control for automatic device, the hardware using programmable controller, position/velocity unit, ac servo unit, etc. Software combines the ladder diagram and SFC figure. Under the condition of cost performance and reliability, which is one of the better system solutions.
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