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Shearing machine safety operation procedures

by:SXZG     2020-08-07
1, the shearing machine should have personnel is responsible for the use and care of. The operator must be familiar with the structure of machine tool, performance. 2, it is strictly prohibited to overload use plate shears. Shall not shearing hardened steel material and hard steel, high speed steel, alloy steel, metal and non-metallic materials. 3, blade should maintain a sharp blade, blade obtuse or damage, should timely grinding repair or change. More than 4, operation should be the specialist command, cooperate to coordinate. 5, plate shears ban on shear two kinds of different specifications of the material at the same time, are not allowed to overlap shear. 6, the ban on hand when cutting board into the clamp the following operation. Cut short should the other with steel pin, is expected to cut your fingers left at least 200 mm blade. After 7, get hold of line, should immediately hold pry out before shearing, such as iron, wooden sleeper cell and application so as to avoid pressing foot to pry the holds pop-up cuts. 8, smooth cut the workpiece must be placed, do not pile up too high, not allowed to pile up in the aisle. Tailings and waste to clear in time, keep the site clean.
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