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Shearing machine common problems and solutions

by:SXZG     2020-07-28
Hydraulic shearing machine don't back up. How to do? Three checks ( 1) Check the tank oil level is too low, too low to go. ( 2) Check control solenoid valve electric ever went up to, such as not to so there was something wrong with control circuit to eliminate. ( 3) If the solenoid valve to power up, please check whether there is something wrong with the electromagnetic valve. There is something wrong with to repair or replace solenoid valve. How to gas shearing machine? . To buy a filling and nitrogen, the nitrogen cylinder with nitrogen filling and connected the upper air inlet ( Machine tool bed home with pipe) , open the respective valve, remember to look at plate shears the nitrogen pressure gauge, pressure will be subject to manufacturer specifications, the size of the pressure to achieve, close the valve, mechanical shearing machine OK adjusted when material of electric device is how to work? Shearing machine before keep-off device. It consists of a fixed frame, is located in the front of the shearing machine rack above for a before and after the direction of the guide rail, on the guide rail is located in a loading frame can be moved back and forth; On the rack installation also have a servo motor, servo motor through a synchronous belt wheel drive and guide the direction of parallel screw, cooperate with leadscrew nut fixed connection in the above loading frame; Upon loading frame, there are several locations. What is the difference between various types of shearing machine, the cutting thickness material, precision is how to guarantee? There is a big difference in the case: the cutting width, there are 1 m. 1. 3M 1. 5M 2. 5 m, and so on can cut thickness also had different level there is no limit to the material, don't cut is harder than the blade also save line, ha ha, such as alloy saw blade, HSS does not guarantee the accuracy. Are made of artificial, how to guarantee, careful on time, careless point error is bigger, there is a punch, fine but punch can only do some small shearing machine, flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine in cutting steel plate when what are the advantages and disadvantages respectively? Can cut a couple of thick steel plate respectively? Shearing machine 0. 3mm— — 2 mm flame cutting machine 5 - 200 mm, the thickness of the plasma cutting be determined by the user with plasma power supply. Main application fields of CNC plasma cutting machine for stainless steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal plates or in under 6 mm thickness plate, etc. , mainly for the plane cutting irregular graphics, theoretically as long as can use AUTOCAD draw graphics can cut ( The radius is less than 2 times the plasma cutting seam width of graphics cannot cut) 。 To play up the oil pump is cut down force is insufficient, tubing connection on the site I checked no problem, another is cut down, back up slowly, the refund does not reach the designated position, what's the problem? Back up to speed is slow because of the return cylinder of nitrogen deficiency need nitrogen to nitrogen deficiency also lead to the force that press a material shortage to shear sheet would produce sheet suppressed the chutzpah to ~ ~ go to 5. 5mpa~6. 0 mpa can to shear strength is not enough can appropriate increase the system pressure, the hydraulic valve plate one with the handle of the valve can be adjusted by 18 mpa can ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ to but not recommended oneself adjust easily, can affect the service life of the machine to high shearing machine can increase the shear plate thickness limit? We usually don't can! Under special circumstances, reference standards, appropriate to the hydraulic system for debugging, blade gap, appropriate adjustments, may also ok, pay attention to ah go through leadership, engineering and technical personnel approval to experiment. Lest appear bad consequence you take responsibility! Does shearing machine accurately cut out any size? If you want to cut 8 under thick, that is needed to cut out any size that is no problem.
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