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Punching shear blades on

by:SXZG     2020-08-15

often operating plate shears blade veterans know that drilling is a technical business, today about this door technology, convenient beginners to master the application.

metal shears used sharp blades and a lot of pressure, quickly cut off the metal shape. Shear blades are usually directly get punched perpendicular to the surface. The maximum forces and maintain a company chop. Some shear machine operating like a pair of scissors. The shear type is not common, because pressure is not evenly applied to the metal. Depends on the quality of the material and thickness of shear and shear blades can be on the higher quality of metal. Metal cutting is a general rule, the blade must be harder than by cutting material, but this rule is not always true shear machine. Because the incision is so fast, the pressure is so high that steel can often cut steel small problems. However, some machines use of special steel and carbide alloy blades.
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