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Process documents preparation, Machine tool manufacturing)

by:SXZG     2020-08-13
Parts of the machining process was determined, the relevant content must be filled out on the process card, the process card always called process files. That is commonly used in the production process file has the following three forms: ( 1) Machining process card is based on process units, the brief explanation of parts for the whole process a process file, its contents include the number of processes, process name, process, content, processing workshops, equipment and process equipment, the process of time quota, etc. , are shown in table 2 - its format 9. In the sheet small batch production, often to this card directly to guide production. Table 2 - 9 machining process card ( 2) Machining process CARDS are compiled on every working procedure, for the specific guidance workers for production process document. It through the process diagram illustrates in detail the process of processing content, dimension and tolerance, the shape of the locating datum, the clamping method, cutter and its location, etc. , and indicate the cutting dosage, step working content and working hours, etc. Process CARDS used in a large number of mass production, every working procedure must have a process card. The main parts in the batch production, the key working procedure or general parts, sometimes also want to have a process card. ( 3) Mechanical processing technology, Comprehensive) Card is based on process units, more detail parts processing process a process file, process card for short. The content of the card, it not only includes the process and details the location of each process and step of work content, for complex process, but also draw process diagram, labeling process dimension and tolerance, etc. Machining process card is used to guide production and help technical management staff to grasp the whole process of the main technical files, often used in batch production and small batch production of the more important parts.
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