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Parsing plate shears system function and system structure

by:SXZG     2020-08-05

with the progress of technology, CNC shearing machine is no longer limited to the words and language for the exchange of information, you can directly use of graphics, image, animation, visual information, online debugging, online editing and modifying, and set up their own application.

CNC shearing machine can through the window and the single operation, the realization of dynamic tracking, graphic simulation and graphic simulation and rapid programming, and other functions. Such as programming expert system fault diagnosis expert system, when the system failure, diagnosis, maintenance efficiency and quality is advanced manufacturing technology of key performance indicators (kpis). If in a CNC shearing machine and high-speed CPU chip, RISC chip, CPU control system, high resolution detecting element, ac digital servo system, form a complete set of motorized spindle, linear motor, such as technology, can greatly improve the efficiency, improve the quality and grade of the products CNC shearing machine, shorten the production cycle, improve the market competitiveness. Because of using CNC shearing machine electromagnetic clamping plate can be made into various artifacts required, after electrify appeal on the pressure plate, has realized between the CNC shearing machine and base plate of the clamping, not only finish high, and greatly improves the efficiency. CNC shearing machine of numerical control system USES a new generation of modular design, function is broader, better reliability, can not only meet the needs of different users; And the same group control system can automatically according to the different production process flow of dynamic adjustment, give full play to the function of group control system.
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