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Optical fiber laser cutting machine cutting quality is bad when processing method

by:SXZG     2020-08-12
Affecting the quality of cutting parameters including cutting height, nozzle type, focus location, frequency of cutting power, cutting, cutting duty ratio, the cutting pressure and cutting speed. Hardware premise including: maintenance mirror, gas purity, plate quality, collection and collimating lens. Normal sexual reflection and regular reflection cutting quality is poor when the main reflection content and procedures: 1. The cutting height ( Suggest that the actual cutting height should be 0. 8 to 1. Between the 2 mm) 。 If the actual cutting height is forbidden, you may need to calibration. 2. Cutting nozzle to reflect cutting nozzle type and size is incorrect, whether it is right, reflect on whether cutting nozzle is damaged, roundness. 3. Optical center suggested heart reflection of light, use a diameter of 1. 0 cutting nozzle, focus should be on - to reflect light heart 1 and 1. Between the two. This makes the small dot is easy to see. 4. Lens maintenance reflection lens is clean, do not need to water, oil and residue. Sometimes, due to weather or cold pavement gas, maintenance of lens of fog. 5. The focus of the focus reflection is set correctly. If it is active focus of cutting head, you must use mobile applications to check whether the focus is correct. 6. Changing cutting parameters above are reflection, there is no problem, targeted to change parameters. How to adjust parameters, the following is cutting stainless steel and carbon steel in shape, and solutions. Stainless steel, for example, may and slagging, slagging examples of many. If, for example, only the corner covered by slag, can first consider pour round corner, and can reduce focus and increase air pressure according to the parameters. If the whole body hang grit, must reduce the focus, increase the air pressure, increase the cutting nozzle, but if the focus is too low or the air pressure is too high, cross section will be layered, end face is rough. If granular soft hang slag as a whole, can be appropriately increased cutting rate or reduce the cutting power. When cutting stainless steel, you may encounter: if there is more gas supply gas source, reflection or flow can't keep up. When cutting ordinary carbon steel, sheet will encounter such problems as insufficient light part, thick plate rough part. If you want to cut the bright part, you will get a no rust, no paint, no oxide coating plate, the oxygen purity will be at least 99. 6%. When cutting should be paid attention to the following: use double layer 1. 0 or 1. 2 small cutting nozzle, cutting speed should be higher than 2 m/min, the cutting pressure should not be too high. If you want to cutting quality thick plate, first, to ensure the plate and the purity of the gas, and then select cutting nozzle. The larger the aperture, cross section, the better quality, but at the same time, the taper of cross section is larger.
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