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Numerical control technology

by:SXZG     2020-07-29
Shearing machine is a sheet metal cold working of the machine. Under the cold, can be used with general mold ( Or special die) The metal plate bending into various shapes of cross section of the workpiece. CNC shearing machine with numerical control system automatic control stroke ( Punch into the die deep) And after the stop position, implement different bending Angle and bending edge width of bending machine bending forming. 1. The advantage of CNC sheet metal bending process ( 1) High productivity. ( 2) Can improve the precision of bending parts. This is because in the development of CNC bending machine considering all kinds of measures to improve the precision of bending. ( 3) Simple adjustment. Operator only good programming, can automatically realize all machine adjustment. ( 4) Save the stacked in central area. ( 5) The reduction of labor intensity. 2. Sheet metal bending method ( 1) Free bending free bending method is the most commonly used method. Free bending refers to mold opening has two sides, the punch on the top of one side bending, bending Angle is decided by the depth of the punch in. Free curve bending force needed for the small, die stress is moderate, can prolong the service life of mould. The downside is the thickness of the metal plate and mechanical properties with the steel plate rolling direction will lead to the change of bending Angle. When the plate thickness is small, free bending Angle error is ( 1 - 1. 5 degrees) , t (bending radius Plate thickness) 。 ( 2) Correct bending correction curve refers to the rounded corners and stamping workpiece straight. Punch down movement, the Angle of the billet will be less than the Angle of the concave die, cause the negative springback. At the end of the stroke, the punch will fix blank, make its rounded corners, straight and bending radius are close to the punch. Visible, calibration curve can effectively overcome the rebound effect, in order to gain high precision of bending. 3. Shearing machine selection using CNC sheet metal bending process, the first thing to solve the problem of how to choose the ideal equipment. Almost all of the nc shear machine at home and abroad are hydraulic drive. Commonly used has the following two types of structure: move up type, namely the slider drive the punch moves down. In order to ensure that the slider from around the slider under unbalanced load and oil cylinder and the pipeline resistance difference between relative tilt table, thus affect the forming of the workpiece quality, usually equipped with sliding block movement synchronization control system. Upward type is easy to be equipped with mechanical or hydraulic synchronous control system. Mechanical synchronous device has simple structure, low cost, and can obtain the synchronization precision, but its ability to under eccentric load is poorer, so is only applicable to small and medium sized hydraulic shears. Hydraulic synchronization system includes mechanical hydraulic servo system, electro-hydraulic servo synchronization system and electronic digital valve control synchronization system. This kind of synchronization system of high precision and is suitable for the requirement of high precision of bending shear machine. But the technology is complex, high cost. Down type, namely the slider at the bottom of the machine installation, moving up to drive die. Shearing machine working cylinder is located in the center of the slider, when nominal force is lesser, cylinder for a work, when the nominal force is bigger, work cylinder is three. Because working cylinder concentrated in the middle of the slider, the slider and the deformation of the beam is consistent, the clearance between the punch and concave die is uniform on the whole length of the slide block, so the workpiece bending precision is high. The slider back on its own weight, so simple in the hydraulic system. Down type has the advantage of light weight, compact structure, convenient maintenance; The disadvantage is that synchronous precision is not high; Single-acting cylinder is difficult to solve the problem of slider tilt; It is difficult to precisely control the depth of the punch in. Not suitable for punching; The worktable moving up with artifacts of concave die, the operator is difficult to operate.
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