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New type of servo drive system

by:SXZG     2020-08-10
In order to get the best artifacts out of the way, must make eccentric press artifacts ejection mechanism has the ability of free adjustment ejection speed. Because in the machining of the molding pressure, relative speed of stamping die need to be more slowly, so as to reduce the stamping factory seconds, so in the eccentric crank in the movement of the upper and lower dead point position with the reversing speed quickly. In order to achieve the freedom of workpiece ejection movement is adjustable, people developed the ejection velocity of different adjustment methods, such as the non-circular gear transmission, crank rocker driving mechanism and the so-called KAS dual mass flywheel drive technology. New drive solutions Burkhardt limited liability company in 2004 introduced a new solution: servo motor driven punching machine drive system. In the punching machine drive system, using a large GE - Fanuc servo motor and the flywheel, so as to realize the stamping workpiece speed adjust freely. In the company production of STA200 stamping parts ( Blunt pressure: 200 t; The biggest stamping frequency: 150 times/min; Table width: 2000 mm) Is adopted in this scheme. It is a small inertial mass, by & alpha; 1000 ( HV) GE - Fanuc high dynamic performance of the servo motor driver driving mechanism. The crank mechanism rotates, servo driving mechanism has the acceleration and deceleration control function, which allows the operator according to the workpiece stamping need to freely adjust the ejection velocity of workpiece. Usually as a flywheel energy storage in the system still exists, and in high power can use a clutch to connect the stamping process, make the flywheel energy storage in into the punching. Applied for patent protection for the clutch synchronous motion control technology is a kind of no wear on-off control mode. The new type of drive technology scheme of powerful servo motor without strong servo drive motor. 通用电气- Fanuc company produced a new type of servo motor. 大, Servos series of servo motor is a kind of so far there are no other factory can produce large servo motor. The output torque can reach 3000 nm ( α - 3000 - HV servo motor power of 250 kw) , it has opened up in the large mechanical equipment adopts servo technology precedent, especially in a variety of stamping machine adopt servo motor. This series of servo motor of the maximum power output up to 530 kw, top speed of 2000 r/min. If you want more power output, can use two or four servo motor concatenated or and ways to implement. Servo motor power supply equipment is 2 or 4 GE - 发那科, SVM1 - 360 hvi servo amplifier. According to the power of the servo motor size, has the communication cable between the servo amplifier, make each servo motor function as a motor work. The servo amplifier group by a wire with GE - at a high speed Fanuc CNC system are connected, or use other company's CNC system with GEFanuc company produces the DSA digital servo coupler connected. There are two forms of integrated digital servo coupler, can control up to eight axes. GEFanuc SA - of the company Bus PCI Bus interface circuit board or - Bus interface circuit board, can be done without any problems through high-speed fiber optic cable DSA coupler data communication between nc system with other company. When using SPS programmable controller to control the movement of the coordinate axis, use the pulse signal at the input motion control DSA positioning instruction to identify and control. To avoid the peak power in the whole of Europe, with the flywheel Burkhardt company is the first on the stamping machine driven by the new technology enterprises. For a long time, which has the function of this kind of drive machine appear only in Asia or in Europe only can be seen in the lab. In the new drive system has not completely give up the reason of the flywheel, when servo motor full load condition is started, need to have greater driving power. In order to avoid the larger peak power, Burkhardt company of servo drive scheme adopted in the flywheel, clutch, when necessary, use energy from the flywheel storage to supplement peak power. Power supply provide GEFanuc peak power at any time the company also developed the clever use of grid power at the peak load condition of equipment and function. They developed power supply can be in 300 ms time automatically provides high speed energy, that is to say, the power supply can be stored peak drive energy needed for a short period of time. The advantage of this feature is to automatically compensate, balance in a delicate time of peak load. The servo drive device is a kind of energy-saving servo drive system, it can stop process in motor energy feedback, feedback to the power supply equipment, make the servo drive system energy is not more than traditional eccentric flywheel punching machine. Use this punching machine servo drive system has a high production efficiency. Burkhardt company estimated, in forming under the condition of the same velocity, the new punching machine under the condition of guarantee the quality of stamping the same than the traditional punch stamping 20 to 30% more artifacts. Because the slow stamping & other Loss & throughout; The time in the press of other sports.
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