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Nano ceramic strategy best way to deal with the ceramic brittleness

by:SXZG     2020-08-12
Ceramic material as one of the three pillars, in the daily life and plays an important role in industrial production. However, due to the traditional ceramic material quality of a material is brittle, poor toughness, strength, so that its application is limited by the larger. With the widely application of the nanotechnology, nano ceramic arise, to overcome the brittleness of ceramics material, make the ceramic like metal flexible and machinability. The materials scientist Cahn points out that the nanostructured ceramic is the strategic way to solve the ceramic brittleness. Nano ceramic, refers to the phase in the microstructure of ceramic material with nanoscale scale, that is to say, grain size, grain boundary width, the second phase distribution, defect size and so on are on the level of the nanometer level. To the preparation of nano ceramics, it need to be solved: powder size morphology and size distribution control, the control of the aggregate and dispersed. Block shape, defect, roughness and composition control. Gleiter pointed out that if the size of polycrystalline ceramics are determined by a number of nanometer grain composition, can to ductility at low temperature, 100% of the plastic deformation can occur. And found that nano TiO2 ceramic material with excellent toughness at room temperature, in the 180 ℃ bending crack. Many experts agree that if you can solve the single-phase inhibition of grain growth in the sintering process of nano ceramic technical problems, so as to control the ceramic grain size under 50 nm nano ceramic, it will have high hardness, high toughness, low temperature superplasticity, easy processing and other traditional ceramic unparalleled advantages. Shanghai silicate research institute in the preparation of nano ceramics has started earlier, their study found that nano 3 y - (TZP ceramics Around 100 nm) After tensile test at room temperature cycles, in nano 3 y - TZP sample area of the fracture occurred local superplastic deformation, shape variables as high as 380%, and from the fracture profile observed a lot usually appear in the slip line of metal fracture surface. Tatsuki waiting for of Al2O3 - SiC tensile creep experiments nanocomposite ceramics, found that along with the grain boundary sliding, Al2O3 grain boundary of nanometer SiC particle rotation occurs and embedded Al2O3 grains, thus enhanced the grain boundary sliding resistance, namely improve the Al2O3 - SiC of nanocomposite ceramics creep ability. Although the nanometer ceramics and many key technologies need to be solved, but its good room temperature and high temperature mechanical properties, bending strength, fracture toughness, make its in cutting tools, bearings, automotive engine parts have many aspects, such as a wide range of applications, and in many of the ultra high temperature, strong corrosion and other harsh environment plays an irreplaceable role, other materials have broad prospect of application.
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