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Laser cutting machine lens cleaning techniques

by:SXZG     2020-08-04
In the process of laser cutting machine cleaning lenses, should adopt the method of relatively low risk. Next, I'll explain some corresponding operation in the process of cleaning. 1. It is necessary to blow off the original floating on the surface of the object, especially the surface with small particles and floc lens. But do not use compressed air on the production line, because will contain oil mist and water droplets in the air, it will deepen the pollution of the lens. 2. Clean gently with the analysis of pure acetone lens of laser cutting machine. This level of acetone is almost without water, this reduces the possibility of a lens pollution. When a cotton ball soaked in acetone, the lens must be in the light clean, and is moving in circular motion. Once swab become dirty, you must be replaced. Cleaning should be done once, in order to avoid to produce wavy lines. If the lens has two coating on the surface of laser cutting machine, such as lenses, every surface needs cleaning in this way. The first side need protection on a clean lens paper. 3. If acetone cannot remove all dirt, clean with vinegar. Vinegar by dissolving dirt to clean the dirt, but it will not damage the optical lens. This kind of vinegar can be experimental level ( Concentration of diluted to 50%) , also can be household containing 6% acetic acid white vinegar. Cleaning procedures and acetone the same, then use acetone to remove dry vinegar and lenses. At this point, the cotton ball often should change, in order to completely absorb acid and hydrate, until it was clean. 4. When the pollutants and the lens damage through washing to remove, especially when the film burn out due to metal splash and dust, the only way to restore good performance is to replace the lens of the laser cutting machine.
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