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Large bending machine upgrade momentum, machine tool industry upgrade quickly

by:SXZG     2020-07-26
Heavy bending machine equipment maintenance; Heavy bending machine with oil as medium, oil and equipment cleaning and maintenance work must be done well, avoid congestion or spill effect use effect. Oil must be kept clean. For the first time use should not be more than two months. When replacement, filter and tank should be cleaned at the same time. Please note that the filter can be cleaned with kerosene, cannot use bristle brush. Not bad, if the oil can still be used after filtration. Bending machine need to regularly check equipment lubrication part for congestion, if you have, clear in time. After every shift, please use the recycling barrel. If you don't use equipment for a long time, sliding surface should be coated rust-proof oil. Strengthen service familiarity and raise the level of service is a top priority. CNC heavy bending machine mould industry in China should deal with the modernization of punishment subject. The urgency of the it far more than equipment improvement. Before this, there are many painful experience. Some companies spend a lot of money to introduce foreign advanced equipment, but the old idea hasn't changed. They still produce the same standard of CNC heavy bending machine mould, the effect is not popular with the market. Since the 1980 s, after the merger, restructuring and improvement of the developed countries of modern CNC heavy bending machine mould construction present a & other; A high starting point, large investment, large-scale, internationalization & throughout; The development of the situation. The characteristics of large bending machine and assembly trend. Ten heavy bending machine mould group occupies the domestic heavy bending machine mould two-thirds of the market share. Compared with the number of heavy bending machine mould enterprise, the product, technology, equipment, and there is a big gap between marketing and services. It is important to recognize that this difference is not can make up for in a short time. Large bending machine mould industry is a traditional industry. On many of the techniques and experience it is different from the growth of new and high technology. This requires a process of accumulation for a long time. He also began to notice that according to his own vision, the number - Controlled bending machine mould industry in 2002, a new beginning. Accurate positioning determines the result of reasonable growth model. Many large and medium-sized enterprises have given up & other; Large & throughout; The growth of the form, began to show their own characteristics. This is a very satisfying. Characteristics of products and services, however, is not big enough, the proportion of transformation fast enough. A sense of urgency is not strong, the influence of the old system is still not fully get rid of. Enterprise is the main part of the cooperation, the market economy is independent. We must be responsible for their retention and development. Face me, therefore, the number - Controlled the growth of the bending machine mould industry cannot meet the needs of construction. First of all, we have to find the reasons and puts forward solutions from the enterprise itself. But on the other hand, we must also see that the growth of China's market economy is still very short history, also has many imperfect aspects in the operation of the market, affecting the weak growth of the enterprise. Is not to say that this influence is still very serious. The government and the enterprise is necessary to communicate with each other, lose resonance, the government is necessary to solve the problem. For example, over the years, the failure of heavy bending machine mould industry, poor quality cheap products of sluggish growth, malignant cooperation, unfair investment-led & throughout; The two problems are directly related to the government's actions. Expert is summarized as four points: first, develop the thrift, saving, environmental protection industry; Second, change the grade of the product, the world's advanced level is China's hardware CNC bending machine mould construction of prejudice. The number of hardware control bending machine tooling manufacturing growth bias. Efforts to win with quality, the dynamic and static technology transplanted to the product; Third, to speed up cultivating enterprise technology innovation system; Fourth, accelerate the industrialization of high and new technology. Construction industry as a pillar industry of industry, has a far-reaching influence on China's economic growth. However, CNC bending machine tooling this widget becomes more important. If the CNC bending machine mold can't grow well, the growth of the metal processing machine speed will be greatly reduced. At present, the CNC bending machine tooling more and more get the attention of people, famous industry have realized CNC bending machine mold localization to the growth of China's national industry. I hope that when people face up to this point, CNC bending machine mould industry can rapid development steadily, and catch up with the pace of China's construction industry.
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