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Judgment of nine criteria for quality of laser cutting machine for cutting

by:SXZG     2020-07-30
Many clients often don't know how to choose the laser cutting machine, and I don't know how to judge whether a laser cutting machine cutting quality standards. The nine items listed below, I for your reference. Determine the nine criteria of cutting quality of the laser cutting machine 1. Roughness. The depth of the laser cutting part would be a vertical line, line decided to cut the roughness of the surface. Line is more shallow, cutting part more smooth. Edge roughness affects not only appearance, also affect the friction characteristics. In most cases, must as far as possible to reduce the roughness, the shallow, the texture, the higher the cutting quality. 2. Material deposition. Laser cutting machine before melting and perforation will be encountered in the surface layer of special oily liquid. In cutting process, due to gasification and without the use of various materials, the customer with the wind cut cut, but the upward or downward emissions will be formed in the surface sediments. 3. Sag and corrosion. Have an adverse effect on the surface of a cutting edge sag and corrosion, and affect the appearance. They appear in should usually avoid cutting errors. 4. Burr. The formation of burr is a very important in determining the quality of laser cutting factors. Because deburring need extra work, can directly determine the seriousness of the burr and quantity cutting quality. 5. Heat affected zone. In laser cutting, the area around the incision is heated. At the same time, the structure of the metal will also change. For example, some metal can harden. Heat affected zone refers to the depth of the internal structure change in the region. 6. Verticality. How the thickness of the sheet metal for more than 10 mm, the cutting edge of vertical degree is very important. When the focus away from the laser beam divergence, according to the location of the focus, cutting to the top or bottom width. A cutting edge deviate from the vertical line a few millimeters. Edge is vertical, the higher the cutting quality. 7. Out of shape. If sharp heating parts by cutting, it will be out of shape. This is especially important in finish machining, because the profile and fitting is usually only a few millimeters wide ten points. Control the laser power and use short laser pulse heating can reduce and avoid the deformation of parts. 8. Cutting width. In general, incision width does not affect the cutting quality, but only when the special precise contour is formed within the parts, only has an important impact cutting width, because decided to outline the minimum cutting width size, internal and when the plate thickness increases, the cutting width increases. Therefore, in order to guarantee the same high precision, no matter how notch width, artifacts in processing areas of the laser cutting machine should be constant. 9. Quality of a material. When high-speed cutting plate, molten metal will not appear in the laser beam at the bottom of the vertical incision, but will be out from behind the laser beam. As a result, formed in the cutting edge curve, and the thread tightly to follow a moving laser beam. In order to fix the problem, at the end of the cutting process can reduce the feed speed greatly eliminate line formation.
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