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Improve the relevant technology of the CNC bending machine

by:SXZG     2020-07-31
Bending machine can be divided into manual bending machine, hydraulic bending machine and CNC bending machine, mainly adopts the structure of plate bending machine. By bending machine fully closed loop nc system, two grating ruler, a photoelectric encoder feedback real-time detection, the stepping motor driven screw full closed loop control. Two grating ruler; Behind a pair of and a pair of the slider is real-time detection, feedback and correction; Photoelectric encoder to detect oil cylinder dead point position, and feedback to the CNC system. Advanced numerical control is a kind of electro-hydraulic synchronous bending machine, it USES grating ruler and servo proportional valves to control the synchronization of the slider. The machine configuration is high, it is mainly used for large bending machine and equipment of bending high accuracy requirement. Economical nc bending machine is behind control bending machine and stroke. You can enter to bend artifacts, then enter the bending Angle of each step. When using the program, simply delete them. Bending machine will be based on your input steps after stop distance and bending Angle adjustment. The handwheel, turn the handwheel, fine-tuning the slider and the next check point distance, adjust the Angle of the artifact value, release right joint, turn the handwheel, adjust the parallelism of slider and workbench, correction about the Angle of the workpiece. Baffle plate one: the slider ceiling began to stop, increase or decrease, shorten the working period, increase productivity. Damper 2: when contact trip switch, start working schedule and start the travel speed. The length of the working stroke by the potentiometer to adjust. Remote pressure regulator, pressure regulation for machine. Can see the biggest pressure from the pressure gauge. Counter: the reading of the lower limit of the slider by the tachometer shows that reading to zero. 1 mm. Electric button board: start, lights, emergency stop, potentiometer, switch, etc. The length of the potentiometer, is used to control the work schedule, the holding time is used to control the workpiece. 1. CNC bending machine can be directly programming point of view, and have the function of Angle compensation. 2. Grating feet after the real-time detection feedback correction, full closed loop control, block and the slide block end position precision of 0. 02 mm 3. Fast clamping device for the upper die and lower die adopt wedge deformation compensation mechanism. 4. CNC bending machine has multi-step programming function, which can realize multi-step automation, complete a multistep parts processing, improve production efficiency. 5. CNC bending machine can according to user requirements of stable performance, compact structure of imported hydraulic system, the tailgate can adopt ball screw transmission and synchronous belt. Hydraulic CNC bending machine, the sheet is a kind of highly automated processing machinery, therefore is equipped with high performance of hydraulic components.
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