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How to use the laser cutting machine is safe

by:SXZG     2020-08-06
1. Precision cutting: cutting is the basis for the selection of machine tool accuracy, it refers to cutting the workpiece contour accuracy, rather than the static precision of marking on the sample! Good machine tools and bad when the difference between high speed cutting parts precision whether change, workpiece position in different cutting consistent great changes will happen! 2. Cutting efficiency, cutting efficiency evaluation of laser cutting machine is an indicator of profits. Cutting efficiency refers to the completion time for cutting the workpiece, and not just cutting speed! The higher the cutting efficiency, manufacturing cost is higher, the lower the running cost. This is a tool of making money! 3. Maintenance costs: at present, laser cutting machine maintenance mainly from laser maintenance! However, each laser maintenance cost is different. 4. Service life: life is an indicator of evaluation machine energy saving. The longer service life of the machine tool, the lower the depreciation cost of laser cutting machine. Decide the main factors of the service life of the machine tool is as follows: the rigidity of machine tool, in a nutshell, the heavier the tonnage of machine tool, rigid, the better! The machine configuration and transmission device brand and quality! The manufacture level of technology, technology accumulation and experience!
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