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How to solve the bending machine two cylinder falling fast rate is not equal to

by:SXZG     2020-08-05

how to solve the bending machine fast falling speed is not equal to two cylinders, hydraulic bending machine quickly fall back on the oil movement damping is not equal to the piston of the inferior vena back pressure differences, so the two cylinder return flow are not equal, and therefore led to a rapid decline in two cylinder speed are not equal, is out of sync.


1) For the hydraulic cylinder, in order to make the two leakage is equal in cylinder, on the one hand, make the pistons, cylinder, etc. The matching precision of parts ( Including the dimensional accuracy, position accuracy such as alignment, roundness, etc. ) , on the other hand will two hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic circuit design is the same as much as possible.

2) For feed pipe bending machine, in order to ensure equal flow through two one-way valve, on the one hand, try to make mobile frame of center of gravity in the geometric center of the two cylinder; On the other hand should make between piston and piston rod and the piston rod and the end cover mechanical damping close, two piston cylinder to ensure rapid decline in the similar mechanical damping.

3) For back into the line, in order to ensure two cylinder return flow are equal, will make the return pipe on the road back to the oil resistance, namely, pipe diameter, length, number of tube bending, tube bending Angle to roughly the same size.

4) Adopt mechanical gear rack drive to force synchronization. Hydraulic bending machine bending vendors would suggest the connection frame around mount rack, and in a rack of gear meshing, using rack as a guide, rely on meshing of gear and rack for error correction, as long as the manufacturing precision of rack and pinion guaranteed, bending machine two working cylinder can reach very high synchronization accuracy.

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