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How to prolong the life time of the bending machine mould

by:SXZG     2020-08-07

, the service life of machine is in use process not good maintenance or failure not resolve completely, these are the machine's Achilles' heel, is affects the service life of the machine, so how should the correct use of bending machine mould can prolong the using time?

bending machine mold in one of the most important goals in the process of bending, is a bending process in each of the bending machine mould for each bend to create a uniform distribution of machining allowance. That is to say, you must use a different point of view of bending mould, at any time in the main bending machine mould should be in each working procedure similar to mold the final shape as much as possible. Bending machine mould machining allowance of uniform distribution, to ensure the constant and high productivity and safety of the bending process. When the Angle is constant, speed and feed rate of bending also can remain constant at a higher level. In this way, the bending machine mold and workload changes is small, so less heat and fatigue, and improve the bending machine die life. Bending machine mould is very important, can be said to be the product produced one of the necessary conditions, the maintenance and timely make nissan is a must for troubleshooting, and is more in the right way to use bending machine mold.
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