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How to maintain the heavy bending machine

by:SXZG     2020-07-29

I believe that everyone has heard of heavy bending machine. In terms of the current domestic market, heavy bending machine has been achieved. Today, let us a detailed introduction of heavy bending machine maintenance.

1。 The shape of heavy bending machine is very good. Using the UG ( The finite element) Analysis method, the optimization solution by machine support. In front of thin plate shear more convenient. 2. Steel plate welding layout with good strength, stiffness and vibration resistance. Two cylinder firmly fixed on the left column. Workbench is equipped with a support tool post, easy to fine-tune the blade. Out with feed ball, easy to operate. 3. Blade gap stepless regulating mechanism, to meet the need of different plate thickness and material of shear. Such as maintenance of heavy bending machine is not wrong. 4. After the completion of the shear, through the tension of the tension spring reset. 5. Can use four cutting edge shear blades, prolong the service life of the blade. 6. Rest on the inward tilt layout, convenient blanking and improve the precision of parts. Received heavy bending machine motor three-phase 380 v, single phase line lamp receives 220 volts. Pressure increased with the increase of shear layer thickness increases. 7. Adjust the shearing stroke can not only improve the machining efficiency, but also can realize block shear effect. Adjust the button & other; Bending machine & throughout; And & other - ” Can realize the keep-off plate forward or backward adjustment, when motor adjustment cannot achieve the required adjustment value, heavy bending machine can turn the manual regulation wheel manual fine-tuning, to ensure that the required adjustment value, behind the adjustment convenient and reliable. 8. Cutting time can be preset, and can automatically count, eliminate a large number of inventory problem. 9. Adopts advanced integrated hydraulic system, cancel the pipe installation and ensure the high reliability of the machine tool running and quiet. Controls the receiving of the two phase 380 v voltage transformer 10. Accept the hydraulic pressure loading system. On the installation of the support plate in front of the frame of multiple pressure cylinder after being oil, after the tension spring tension decreases, and the pressure head to the press to clamp plate. Control the output of the transformer by the use of control circuit, including 24 v is used to control the electromagnetic directional valve and behind. 6 provide light v, 24 v supply other control elements. 11. Electrical components and materials in accordance with international standards, quiet and reliable, long service life. 12. Accept 50 hz, 380 v three-phase four-wire power supply. 13. Heavy electric bending machine bending machine is located in the left side of the machine tool. In addition to the foot switch, heavy bending machine all operating elements assembled on heavy bending machine button in front of the stage. Each element of the pictures above results have been marked out beautifully. When the shear sheet length is greater than the maximum blanking interval plate after cutting, cutting board can be open to the final position, and blanking plate can be promoted in order to cut any sheet. 14. Former keep-off: put large bending machine worktable, with instructions numerical scale, to regulate traffic block the keep-off value is required. 15. After keep-off: installed in the tool post, bobbing along with the rest on. Adjust behind by 0. After 55 kw motor drive, speed driven by the screw. I believe that through the above introduction, for the maintenance of heavy bending machine have a better understanding. More information about the heavy bending machine, please visit the official website of our company or call the advisory.
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