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How to exert the maximum utilization of CNC bending machine

by:SXZG     2020-07-28
For now, the development trend of CNC bending machine system lies in the performance, function and structure, the three aspects of specific performance as follows: the function: graphical user interface, scientific computing visualization, interpolation and compensation diversification, high-performance built-in programmable controller. Architecture: the integration and modularization. Performance: high precision, high speed, high efficiency, flexibility, multi-axis, open hardware and software and intelligent. The following is about the details of the CNC bending machine. one The function 1. Scientific computing visualization of information communication is no longer limited to the words and language, you can directly use visual information such as graphics, images, and animation. Visualization technology can be used in computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, automatic parameter setting, tool compensation, display and visualization simulation of nc machining process. 2. High performance CNC system is equipped with built-in programmable controller high-performance programmable controller, can be directly use ladder diagram or high-level language programming, online debugging and edit, build your own application. 3. Diversification of the interpolation and compensation interpolation methods include linear interpolation, arc interpolation, circular interpolation, curved surface interpolation, thread interpolation space ellipse, polar coordinate interpolation and polynomial interpolation. Compensation functions include vertical degree of compensation, clearance compensation, circular arc interpolation stoppage time quadrant, pitch error compensation and measurement system error compensation and tool radius compensation, temperature compensation, etc. 4. The graphical user interface is the user interface is a dialogue between nc system and user interface. The graphical user interface should be suitable for all kinds of users, including nonprofessional users. Through the window and menu operation, can realize dynamic tracking, graphic simulation and graphic simulation and rapid programming, and other functions. Second, the performance of CNC bending machine 1. Intelligence in the field of numerical control technology, the research and application of real-time intelligent control is developing in the direction of the following: adaptive control, fuzzy control, neural network control, expert control, learning control, feedforward control, etc. Such as programming expert system fault diagnosis expert system, when the system failure, diagnosis, maintenance, 2. High precision, high speed, high efficiency, the efficiency and quality is the key performance indicators advanced manufacturing technology, is the body of the advanced manufacturing technology. If adopting high speed CPU chip, RISC chip, CPU control system, high resolution detecting element, ac digital servo system, form a complete set of motorized spindle, linear motor, such as technology, can greatly improve the efficiency, improve product quality and grade, and shorten the production cycle, improve the market competitiveness. In the next few years, super precision CNC punch press will become a new generation of precision, high speed, intelligence, nano-scale CNC machine tools. 3. Multiaxial multi-axis linkage processing, after the first clamping part on the nc machine tool, can carry out automatic tool changer, rotating spindle head, rotary worktable, such as operation, complete process, surface composite processing, not only high smoothness, and greatly improve the efficiency. 4. Flexibility of nc system USES a new generation of modular design, function is broader, more reliability and can meet the needs of different users. The same group control system can automatically according to the different production process flow of dynamic adjustment, give full play to the function of group control system. 5. Hardware and software of the open CNC bending machine users can according to their own needs for secondary development of numerical control system software, the use of the user is no longer restricted by manufacturers, so as to realize intelligent.
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