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How to eliminate the indentation bending machine

by:SXZG     2020-08-02

I will show you how to eliminate the impression of the bending machine and how to eliminate the indentation stainless steel bending machine mold. In general, how to eliminate the residual indentation after bending of sheet metal products and scratches, the commonly used method is to use polyurethane gasket, plastic mould or prevent creasing membrane. After that, we can choose other ways to improve the mold. In short, increased the lower die v-notch on both sides of the water chestnut R size, ensures the smooth operation of the upper die and bending greatly reduce the friction, thus effectively solve the bending problem of indentation.

in addition, there is a kind of practical new type of metal plate bending mould, its characteristics is located in the lower die cant v-notch around in, according to the length direction of the bending machine mould, the mould level symmetry set molding groove, forming pass trough the approximate circular cross section of bars, known as the core. Material can be bearing steel or hard alloy, embedded in each forming tong groove corresponding molding set piece, make the molding blocks corresponding processed into circular or rectangular cross section, molding under the panel board and embedded into an organic whole, part molding outcrop in forming slot gaps, and cant than v-notch around; In the bending machine die bending down the process of sheet metal, sheet metal bending surface will move along the forming rounded corners exposed surface smooth, rounded deformation and compression molding, sheet metal bending surface will not direct contact with the metal part of the lower die, so as to achieve the purpose of sheet metal bending surface without creasing. By making a shallow on sheet metal V plane groove, using bend in half before the positioning of the flange length, can be preset bending length, bending edge before and then according to the prior carved V groove in the bending machine bending, can ensure the bending edge length is correct, and can replace after blocking function of the CNC bending machine. Bend down on by bending machine mold in the process of sheet metal, metal plate bending profile exposed along the molded the fillet contour move smoothly, and compression molding gradually rounded corners to deformation, and sheet metal bending profile will not be in contact with the metal part of the lower die indirectly, so as to realize the curved contour in the metal plate without creasing target, and greatly improve the quality of sheet metal bending products and integrity.
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