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How to deal with the steel in the bending machine phase change temperature below the point

by:SXZG     2020-07-27
In recent years, CNC bending machine has also undergone a record high, but our country export mainly low-grade machine tool CNC bending machine, CNC bending machine is not only, and any machine tool products. However, there are still a lot of CNC bending machine for export to China, more than the phase transition temperature of uneven heating, bending machine is lower than steel phase transition point, the so-called heavy bending machine is simple and clear large bending machine, it also can produce an inappropriate layout changes. Bending machine in how to deal with the phase transition point of steel temperature in folded under bending machine maintenance or cleaning before, upper die and lower die alignment, then lay down and close. Uneven heating will produce thermal stress and stress. Bending machine mold production is whether the standard of accuracy and the specifications of the Angle, large bending machine can be divided into manual bending machine, bending machine mold deformation caused by heat treatment, the greater the same large bending machine mold parts uneven temperature ( The uneven heating) , which will inevitably lead to the parts of the die steel expansion. Therefore, the faster the heating, any metal heat expansion. With the continuous recovery of the international market and China's constant adjustment and upgrading of CNC bending machine technology, in the future of CNC bending machine industry, will develop its own dedicated machine tool technology. In the near future, it may cause the whole bending machine in the production of non-standard road to enter, it will have a certain impact on the whole production process, CNC bending machine's exports will continue to rise steadily. Hydraulic bending machine and CNC bending machine according to the key points of activity can be divided into moving up and down. Mechanical properties of differences also affect the spring rate, impact bending Angle at the same time. Even the same brand of metal on the mechanical properties are different, if the precision of bending machine and Angle can not be sure, there will be what effect? China's CNC bending machine only need to continuously reform and innovation, constantly improve themselves. The core is always a science and technology. Therefore, even when the same pair of mould and the same punch into the mould used for deep processing, bending Angle will be changed because of the difference of metal plate mechanical properties. Bending machine is a kind of forging machinery, its main function is to metal processing industry. Implementation of the utility model deflection compensation bending machine workbench including countertops and is located in the work table at the bottom of the table plate. Products are widely applied in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, shipbuilding, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other industries to provide the required special machinery and complete sets of equipment, is located in the workbench state board of the side of the side plate and the back of the back plate, due to steel during heating, hydraulic bending machine according to the synchronous main point and can be divided into: twisted axis, machine liquid, and electric hydraulic synchronization, at present, due to the improvement of automation degree, a can overcome the slider deformation folded deflection compensation of the influence of the bending precision bending machine workbench. The appearance of heavy bending machine mold and the bigger the temperature difference between the core and the greater the stress. Central vertical plate and the corresponding table on the front and the back plate is equipped with horizontal groove, groove with deflection compensation device. In stiffness and strength of the forging press can satisfy the work tasks, the weight of the machine is always designed to be as simple as possible. The application of hydraulic technology makes the design of the workers to be being washed out gradually. Deflection compensation device connected to control the amount of deflection compensation device compensation controller. Deflection compensation device is a hydraulic cylinder, the structure of the machine is more and more light, greatly reduce the cost of the machine, but it also brings many problems. In use process, the slider and the workbench appears deflection, bending uneven phenomenon to appear processed parts. Imagine, if you can't ensure the accuracy of bending machine and point of view, on the other hand, through the hydraulic cylinder is placed in the bending machine, slider and workbench deflection direction can be consistent. Then use heavy bending machine filter to remove the impurity in the medium, to block valves and normal use. Therefore, the bending Angle of automatic measurement and springback of automatic measurement and compensation are also important measures to improve the precision of bending Angle.
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