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How to better use stainless steel bending machine

by:SXZG     2020-07-27

material decoration industry at home and abroad for the metal decoration materials put forward higher requirements, the bending of sheet metal workpiece on the edge of the circular arc radius should be as small as possible, the surface should be no refraction of sheet metal workpiece shaking. For sheet metal workpiece bending section shape is more complicated and can better reflect the designer's fashion design style.

at present, the traditional bending force and free bending method, three point bending method, even can't bend sheet metal workpiece, which only use bending machine to bend sheet metal workpiece can not meet the requirement of the designer's design, also can't reach the grade of the high-grade decoration and decorative effect.

as a result, a new kind of bending technology arises at the historic moment: the first sheet metal plane, and then in the bending machine bending.

a, bending: before the process characteristics of sheet metal V groove

1. Artifacts of the small flange radius, no refraction

according to the bending process, on the edge of the circular arc bending workpiece is directly proportional to the bending radius and the thickness of the workpiece. Due to the metal plate materials of v-shaped slot, the thickness of the residual metal plate is only half the thickness of the original metal plate or even smaller, so bending arc radius on the edge of the workpiece is proportional to the earth and index decrease. In addition, because after the v-shaped planing residual metal plate thickness is small, in the process of bending deformation force is small, and not bending area was not affected by diffusion, so bending without refraction surface of the sheet metal parts. So, meet the hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, Banks, airports and so on the special requirements of high-grade decoration.

2。 Reduce the bending force according to the bending process of sheet metal bending requirement, stainless steel sheet metal bending force of bending machine for bending is directly proportional to the plate thickness of the workpiece. Before bending to V planing plate, the thickness of the remaining board is about half of the original sheet thickness or less, so the sheet metal bending required bending force decreases, long plank can in small tonnage bending machine bending. It can not only reduce equipment investment, but also can save energy.

3。 Some of the special material shape can be in ordinary bending machine with ordinary mold into rectangular tube. Shape of the material not in ordinary bending machine to bend into various shapes, or need to specially designed complex mould to finish the work.

however, by controlling the metal materials of V groove depth, the special bending material type can be in ordinary bending machine with ordinary mold bending and forming. Concrete method is in the process of the last bend, V groove plate thickness of the remaining control at 0. About 3 mm, so that the bending springback Angle is very small, in the process of rectangular pipe after forming springback deformation.

4。 Bending locating on the edge of the bending length before the

by shallow V slot sheet metal, can be on the edge of bend positioning in advance before bending length, then in the bending machine creates a v-shaped slot according to the prior to bending, can guarantee the accuracy of the bending edge length, replace the keep-off functions of CNC bending machine. Of course, the premise is the positioning precision of V type slotting machine must achieve / - 0. 5 mm.

2. Equipment is used for sheet metal V mining

there is no special V before slotting equipment, gantry planer used in sheet metal V slot. Due to the double housing planer without reliable and efficient sheet metal pressing device, sheet metal V groove depth and V groove positioning distance can't accurate control. In addition, the double housing planer starts, because of the high energy consumption, low efficiency, a variety of factors, v-shaped slot metal plate has been replaced by metal plate slot machine. The new sheet metal slotting machine is according to the high-grade decoration industry and the elevator design and manufacture the special requirements of manufacturing industry. Can the material such as stainless steel plate, iron plate, copper plate on a v-shaped slot. The new sheet metal planing machine such as mount some special special accessories, can also for sheet metal material and profile grinding, polishing, wire drawing, etc.

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