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How should bending machine maintenance?

by:SXZG     2020-08-03
We produce is often used when bending machine, but as a result of long-term use, can make the bending machine, all kinds of fault occurring daily often appear problem, so if your bending machine need maintenance at this time, so for bending machine maintenance and repair of you understand how much? Today by our special research and development production of bending machine mechanical technician for you simply introduce the bending machine maintenance method, to make your bending machine live longer, better service for you. Failure 1: the slider from fast to slow, are always parked for a long time. At this point we have to check whether the oil is insufficient, fast forward, is likely to appear the phenomenon of lack of liquid, this is due to the suction air cylinder, the resulting. If so, you can add the oil in the tank of the increase of the height, liquid mouth around 5 mm above the most suitable, so the charging hole was completely covered the oil; Can check whether the liquid is not enough, may be too fast, the modified parameters can effectively solve the problem; Did check the charging valve in the dirt, sometimes due to the pollution of the oil liquid valve, result in pollution of charging valve valve core, this time, the cleaning liquid valve. Fault 2: the slider when automatic work is normal, but in manual operation, folded plate strength is insufficient, can't downward. Check have directional valve work normally, it is controlled by the control, if the charging valve is not closed, so the mouth cavity and liquid in the tank is connected, pressure cannot be formed, when the valve cannot work normally, if the valve does not work, may be not turn on the switch or a pollution was jammed valves. Above is common faults and the corresponding solutions, hope that through the interpretation of bending machine can help to you.
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