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How in the skilled processing bending machine operation easy trip

by:SXZG     2020-08-05
Bending machine is a located in the body in front of solid framework, it has a bias of the guide rail, before and after it has a mobile before and after loading. Frame is equipped with servo motor, the motor to synchronous belt wheel move parallel to the guide screw. And bending machine screw FRP diagonal flow fan with nut and the bearing seat powder vibrating feeder and firm connection, hydraulic bending machine at bearing TD bucket elevator frame is equipped with a number of locations. If first bus side disconnect switch, circuit breaker planning of the shield arc short circuit occurs, and the misoperation caused by faults, current transformer is not determined by the electric flow impeller feeder, coal feeder circuit breaker activation shield, circuit breaker will not trip, this will constitute a busbar short circuit, make superior circuit breaker mistakenly take measures to expand the fault. Must first oscillating load side isolation shear machine switch, rather than a bus isolating switch. When the power is there may be two kinds of wrong operation. Although to machine has been disconnected, but when isolating switch down, error of jaw crusher will isolate and isolating switch down should not be cut off; For shearing machine to purchase a light steam of gas. With light steam washing bending machine light cylinder at the top of the pipe steam inlet is connected to the machine tool bed, open the respective valve, and remember to read shears light steam pressure gauge. Pressure on the manufacturer's instructions shall prevail. Explosion-proof pressure reciprocating coal feeder arrived, close the valve. Hydraulic bending machine before dustproof keep-off structure of the vibrating screen.
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