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How can I contact Sanxin Machinery?
As we are a foreign trade company, we always pay attention to providing comprehensive communication channels for the client worldwide. We build a website with company information clearly posted on the Contact Us page. Customers can choose to write an email or make a phone call to negotiate with us about the purchase matter. Also, you can contact us via WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. We are 24/7 available to answer your inquiries and tackle your problems.

Anhui Sanxin Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is an innovative and professional grooving machine company in China. shearing machine is the main product of Sanxin Machinery. It is diverse in variety. hydraulic press machine is a high-quality, beautiful, and functional product with bright porcelain, smooth line, and delicate surface. The product has good strength. During the production, it is finely welded and die-casted to ensure its physical strength. Its heavy-duty steel materials allow it to withstand strong shock.

SXZG will increase its international fluency in the pipe bending machine field. Please contact us!
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