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How about the OEM service flow?
After years of development, Anhui Sanxin Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd sets up a complete OEM service flow for enhancing production efficiency. Firstly, our dedicated design team will communicate with our customers to obtain the crucial OEM requirements. Then the design concept formed during the negotiation will be applied to the manufacturing with the help of fast-running machines and proficient engineers. The finished products, after being substantially tested and inspected, then are promptly delivered through a reliable logistics company. Sanxin Machinery is ready to tap into more markets with our mature OEM service flow.

Sanxin Machinery is a leading shearing machine supplier and manufacturer with strong R&D capability. fiber laser cutting machine is the main product of Sanxin Machinery. It is diverse in variety. This product has the advantage of tensile strength. The structure of the fabric is totally tightened and fibers are finely woven to enhance the strength. The product can be treated with a layer of protective painting. With so many advantages, the product has high commercial value. The workpiece produced by this product features high precision.

our company always walks on the road to excellence in thew field of press brake. Contact us!
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