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High precision servo press brake applications

by:SXZG     2020-07-26

with the progress of technology and the increase of labor costs, the current sheet metal processing, especially the bending processing equipment, more and more high to the requirement of processing efficiency and product quality, in recent years, the country is becoming more and more high to the requirement of environmental protection. This paper discusses the electric servo hydraulic bending machine bending machine relative to advantage.

in recent years, high power, large torque servo motor and drive technology mature and the reducing of the cost, promote the related electric servo drive is becoming more and more widely used. The CNC bending machine is widely used in sheet metal industry started in pure electric servo new trend of main drive instead of hydraulic driving device. Pure electric servo CNC bending machine tonnage and yield increasing. Abstract: from the energy saving, environmental protection, the machining efficiency and precision of bending and expounds the maintenance cost of pure electric servo hydraulic bending machine bending machine relative to advantage.

1。 Significant energy saving electric servo drive technology is one of the advantages of the input power of the motor is proportional to the load power, load power consume a large amount of power when bending, when slider light up a small amount of power consumption, when slider stops consume small amounts of power. However, even if the slider doesn't work, the main motor and hydraulic pump of hydraulic servo press brake also continue to work, consumption of electricity. In addition, the electric servo press brake mechanical main transmission efficiency is above 95%, the hydraulic transmission of hydraulic servo press brake efficiency under 80%, the hydraulic system parts after the aging and wear low efficiency. 100 t bending machine, for example, pure electric servo press brake power consumption of the host about 12 KWH/d, hydraulic bending machine hydraulic system power consumption of about 60 KWH/d, pure electric servo press brake energy consumption of about 80%. 2. Green pollution-free pure electric servo bending machine without the use of hydraulic oil, so there is no need to replace the hydraulic oil change or remove the hydraulic components, in the process of replacement, remove the change and daily system there is no hydraulic oil leakage, no slop disposal and pollution. 3. The slider speed, high production efficiency. The response of the servo motor speed is faster than hydraulic servo. Developed by KaiFeng CNC companies of 100 t electric servo press brake as an example, the slider back and falling fast speed of up to 200 mm/SEC, working speed of 0 ~ 20 mm/SEC; Most of the sliding block with tonnage hydraulic bending machine return and falling fast speed is less than 120 mm/SEC, working speed is 10 mm/SEC. Hydraulic servo press brake is affected by environment and the hydraulic system of fever, need to start the preheat or off heat. Once the hydraulic system failure, troubleshooting technical requirements are high, and it will take a long time. However, less pure electric servo press brake parts, low failure rate, basic does not exist the problem. Pure electric servo press brake, therefore, machining efficiency is almost twice the tonnage hydraulic bending machine. 4. High precision of bending electric servo bending machine bending speed can be adjusted, for different thickness and different materials, different bending length of bending, can be set more suitable bending speed, so as to improve the precision of bending, maintain high productivity. Pure electric servo axis deflection compensation of bending machine adopts VILA structure compensation device, has high precision of bending. The bending Angle error of hydraulic bending machine in the / - Within 1 degree, and the main drive of the servo press brake screw driven by servo motor, transmission accuracy is higher; By measuring all kinds of sheet bending Angle, is a good way to ensure the bending Angle error in the / - 0. Less than 5 degrees. 5. Maintenance costs low hydraulic bending machine hydraulic oil need to be replaced periodically. Pump, valve and seal prone to failure and damage, the hydraulic system easy to pollution, troubleshooting is difficult, once the hydraulic system pollution and cleaning system is difficult, and will cause environmental pollution. Pure electric servo bending machine drive system is simple, little maintenance cost, need only lubrication on a regular basis. Pure electric servo hydraulic bending machine bending machine (energy consumption With 100 t bending machine as an example, calculated at 8 hours a day) Power consumption of about 60 KWH/d power consumption about 12 KWH/d environmental pollution may pollution-free processing efficiency ( In 100 t bending machine, for example) Slider return and rapid speed below 120 mm/s, working speed is 10 mm/s slider return and rapid speed of up to 200 mm/s, working speed 0 ~ 20 mm/s machining precision fold the corner error in / - Bending Angle error within 1 degree in & plusmn; 0. 5° Within low cost slightly and slightly higher.
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