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FANUC system of nc equipment electrical and mechanical failure confusing, for example

by:SXZG     2020-08-12

Japan FANUC system of numerical control equipment of a few cases alarm content rather than the actual not conforming to the cause of the problem or the causes of phenomenon of fault and its really not the case and the handling of instructions is as follows:

1 FANUC - 6 the me system the TH6350 machining center, in the work spindle turn in 700 r/min, the place such as spindle and wideband cases have abnormal sound, accompanied by vibration phenomenon, observation power meter that the output power of the motor is not stable. But using 1000 r/min abnormal sound disappear again, according to the check to the phenomenon, the causes of the failure may have spindle controller is out of control. Mechanical transmission or motor reasons cannot be ruled out. But feel the spindle controller problem. According to the first electrical and mechanical maintenance, after we checked on the part of the electrical spindle controller, first check the parameters of the controller, and then check the control panel, all without exception. After check the circuit board is dirty, carried out a purge of circuit board by the requirement, but the fault with the boot remains the same. So the spindle controller part is out of order problem can be ruled out. In order to determine the fault in motor parts and mechanical parts, must separate motor and mechanical parts. From boot test found that motor at close to 500 r/min began to appear continuously sound, but given 800 r/min, voice and disappear, we analyses the main shaft parts, the original given 500 r/rain at low speed and high speed of 2100 r/min when given instructions are the same. Just because at low speed by gear reducer, so make sure the fault on the motor. We analyze abnormal noise may appear on the bearing of the motor. Will motor breaking-out inspection, found that the bearing has really bad, caused by the card is in high speed bearing load swing increases the power meter, a deflection, after replacement of bearing fault disappear.

2 fanuc0 - M system processing center, the spindle positioning, fault phenomenon is when spindle positioning, appear constantly swinging back and forth, we thought it is spindle orientation directional sensor circuit and there is a problem, by changing the components, prove that is not the problem of directional circuit and sensors. Further examination, found a gap and twisting spindle by hand and this gap is main shaft orientation oscillation amplitude. Through the analysis, think the problem is the problem between spindle motor and its connector. Spindle motor, spindle motor and spindle coupled vibration rubber ring off entirely, because there is no damping rubber ring, the clearance between the spindle motor and spindle, spindle orientation, as a result of the existence of the gap, directional sensor signal orientation in place, through the controller, spindle motor stalling, due to inertia effect, main shaft to turn, the sensor signal, motor reversal. This spindle back and forth. After the replacement of damping rubber ring, spindle directional stability.

by the above two cases, we can see, sometimes feel like failure phenomenon is caused by electrical fault, the actual is caused due to mechanical problems.

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