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Extrusion technology to meet the need of high precision processing

by:SXZG     2020-08-13

precision extrusion can be removed from the follow-up processing method, better meet the needs of product application, at the same time to reduce the cost of materials, the purpose of improving the quality of the products. Today, meet the needs of plastic precision direct extrusion, a variety of mature technology has been to the market, the polymer melt gear pump is one of the important means. This technology has been widely used in chemical fiber, film, profile, pipes, plates, wire, composite extrusion, such as granulation production lines.

rubber and plastic machinery research institute of Beijing chemical university, after many years of melt gear pump system research, has successfully completed the plastic melt gear pump series, research and development has been able to design and manufacture of plastic melt gear pump products such as 28/28 ( Center distance/tooth width) , 56/56, 70/70, 90/90, etc, the biggest entrance pressure general 30 mpa, able to meet the production requirements, and has been applied in practice, achieved good effect. Rubber and plastic machinery research institute of Beijing chemical university, through the study of the in-depth study of a size gear pump extruder, a 115 size gear pump extruder was designed and developed.

gear pump for precision molding rubber industry also go a long way. In order to meet the domestic demand for rubber melt gear pump, also with the Beijing aerospace manufacturing engineering research institute of Beijing chemical university, hangzhou chaoyang rubber co. , LTD. , cooperation, common development XCP150/100, 90 two XCP120 / rubber melt gear pump extruder machine. This unit has the ideal operating characteristics, to ensure a linear relationship with extrusion amount and speed of the gear pump, can realize accurate control of production, improve product dimensional accuracy.

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