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Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine CNC system Cyb's Touch 8

by:SXZG     2020-08-04
Cyb's Touch 8, hereinafter referred to as CT8, Switzerland, burke products, professional electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine system. Has been hailed as the industry's most useful numerical control system. It has the following features: touch screen: 7 'color CRT display, 800 & times; 600 pixels, controllable LED backlight. The graphical interface programming. Angle programming directly. Using event/time trigger type operation mode, more efficient, and reliable. Completely different from traditional numerical control device of built-in PLC commonly, by circular scanning mode. Standard 3 + 1 axis ( Y1+Y2+X+V) ; Optional R axis. Automatically calculate the main stress, deflection compensation automatic control. The behind Angle, rapid correction. “ EasyBend” Pages are easily single bending processing. Multilingual support. Debugging: CybTouch 8 PS unique intelligent navigation debugging, let the machine debugging process is clear, accurate, safe and efficient communication port: adopt RFlink, wireless communication technology. Through a RFlink USB card, directly to the PC connected to CNC system, implementing software refresh, data upload download operation. Technology advantage: Cortex_M3 kernel using the latest 32-bit ARM technology, CPU as the STM32 ARM, industry leading powerful processor. Software: the latest CYBELEC FASTWARE technology wireless transmission function, backup, parameters can be refresh by off-line tool software, wireless connection of nc system, real-time monitoring of the slider motion curve
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